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Living Green: As Easy As It Gets in Taikoo Place


• Being sustainable at Taikoo Place is easy – we follow a Taikoo Place office worker for a day to see how she incorporates green habits into her everyday life.



Meet Jane.

Jane works at Taikoo Place. She also happens to be a caffeine addict. She is a little forgetful, and always in a hurry. But most importantly, she is committed to living sustainably – something that’s quickly becoming second nature to her, thanks to the range of sustainability initiatives at Taikoo Place. How? Here’s what a day in Jane’s life looks like.


It was a hectic morning – but like clockwork, Jane always grabs her morning cup of joe as soon as she arrives at Taikoo Place. But she’s forgotten to pack her reusable tumbler. So she heads to R&R Bagels where she can borrow a Muuse reusable cup. She finds this a handy way to cut back on disposables while saving time – as the cups are professionally cleaned and sanitised after use, all she has to do is return hers later at a designated collection point. Sometimes she’d try a different flavor at Eric Kayser, Ground PUBLIC, Nutsy Coffee Bar or Pret A Manger, as they all offer the Muuse cup.


Time for lunch! On the way to buy her takeaway meal, Jane passes by one of the Lai See Packets Reuse and Recycling Programme collection points to drop off some used red packets. She always participates in seasonal campaigns like this – from electronic waste and textile recycling to mooncake boxes and surplus mooncake collection – as they encourage her to declutter without creating more waste.


Jane had a very satisfying and balanced meal today – brown rice with chicken wings and vegetables, and an orange to finish. After lunch, she throws the bones and fruit peels into the office pantry’s food waste recycling bin. A large volume of food waste is sent to landfills in Hong Kong every day; but Jane knows that hers will be converted into compost and biogas at the organic resources recovery centre O·PARK1, thanks to Taikoo Place’s food waste recycling programme.

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With the afternoon slump hitting, some fresh air and a treat are in order. It’s started raining, though, so she borrows an umbrella from the Taikoo Place information counter. Fifteen minutes later, she re-enters the building, and instead of using a plastic sleeve to hold the wet umbrella, she dries it off with the umbrella dryer at the entrance.


The office printer has run out of ink – her colleague is about to throw away the empty cartridge, but Jane stops them: “We can recycle cartridges and many other common items like glass bottles and rechargeable batteries at The Loop. It’s just downstairs!” And that’s exactly what she does after work. As she heads home, she thinks to herself: today’s been a good day, but tomorrow will be even better.

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