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The Loop - Sustainable Development Centre at Taikoo Place

The Loop

G/F Devon House
(Open to the general public) Mondays to Fridays 9am – 6pm, Saturdays 9am – 1pm

“The Loop” is our all-new sustainable development exhibition centre at the heart of Taikoo Place. The interactive space aims to increase environmental awareness and encourage Taikoo Place tenants and the wider community to incorporate sustainable practices into their business operations and their everyday lives.

“The business community today is showing more and more interest in sustainability, and The Loop offers a great platform for Swire Properties to engage our tenants, colleagues and the wider community in our sustainability initiatives,” said Don Taylor, Director, Office at Swire Properties.

Located in Devon House and spanning 4,000 sq ft, The Loop is part of the company’s sustainable development (SD) strategy – the SD 2030 Strategy. The Loop features a retrospective exhibition of the company’s sustainability work in Quarry Bay, a recycling centre, food waste composter and green wall, as well as an outdoor edible garden and “Eco-art installation”, to name but a few highlights. 

The well-known recycling phrase “close the loop”, which refers to the principle that all resources can be recycled and reused, inspired the name “The Loop”. 

At the heart of the strategy is the creative transformation of Places into vibrant, high-quality sustainable communities. This is achieved through proactive investment in the company’s People and long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its Partners. Swire Properties is also committed to making positive contributions to its communities through sound Environmental Performance, while ensuring that it delivers sustainable Economic Performance combined with good corporate governance and high ethical standards.

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