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Insider Tips to an Easy-Breezy Life at Taikoo Place

Imagine this: it’s pouring and you’re in a rush to meet a client for lunch. You have no choice but to walk as there’s a queue at the taxi stand. When you’re finally there, all soaked, you realise the restaurant is unusually packed…How annoying! The good news is, if you work at Taikoo Place, there’s a range of tenant-exclusive amenities to minimise these stressors – take a cue from the Swire Properties team to make your life easier!

When you need a cab…

Jacqueline from the Taikoo Place Management Office
"From time to time I hear feedback from clients and friends working in the area that it is not easy to get taxis especially on Friday evenings. As part of the Management Office and the Taikoo Place community, I knew we had to do something about it. I shared this pain point with our colleagues in Office Marketing who came up with a brilliant idea: Taikoo Social’s new "Find a Taxi" feature. It shows you the approximate number of taxis and people queuing in line at each of the four taxi stands around Taikoo Place, so that you can see at a glance where to go to get a taxi more easily. What’s more, if you decide to call for a taxi, the tracker has a button that links directly to a fast-track taxi hailing exclusively for Taikoo Place area via HKTaxi during peak hours. You’ll always be able to catch a taxi more quickly and easily with the newest Taikoo Social which will be available in mid-November!”

When it’s raining and you’ve forgotten your umbrella…

Julia from the Taikoo Place Building Management Team
“A great thing about walking from building to building in Taikoo Place are the elevated walkways – when it rains, they offer a dry route that stretches from near the MTR station to as far as Oxford House.

You may already be familiar with this covered route, but what if there’s no choice but to go outside? Well, just take the free shuttle bus! Running from 8:00am to 7:00pm during work week, it stops at Devon House, Oxford House and One Island East, with extension to Cityplaza during 12:00noon - 2:30pm and 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Also, did you know that you can borrow an umbrella from one of our information counters? Simply show your business card with your Taikoo Place office address on it to borrow one.”

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When you feel uninspired for lunch…

Angus from the Technical Services & Sustainability Department
“For me, lunch serves as a mid-day reward to refuel and motivate me, so I’m always on the lookout for new options to keep my mealtime from being boring. For this, I always refer to Taikoo Social for an updated list of eateries in Quarry Bay. It sorts the restaurants by cuisine types and locations, and you can even reserve a table and make takeaway or delivery orders via the app too. I just needed to verify my tenant identity to enjoy this convenience. I heard that from November onwards, you can even have your takeaway delivered to your office in Taikoo Place and Cityplaza One. Perfect for all the busy bees here."

On the days I bring in a packed meal, I like to explore the neighbourhood for new lunch spots. Some of my favourites include the bleachers by the football pitch in Quarry Bay Park, the steps outside One Island East and the benches around Taikoo Park. It’s so much nicer to eat outside, now that the weather is cooler!”

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