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Soul-Warming Soups to Try in Quarry Bay


• We round up the best eateries serving soups in Quarry Bay to warm your soul on a stressful day

There’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of warm, nourishing soup on a stressful day. From traditional Chinese soups to Singaporean bak kut teh to veggie-forward blends, these Quarry Bay eateries serve up hearty concoctions that will fuel your day and warm your soul.


Healthy and Homey: Soupland

Whether you’re feeling under the weather or just need a boost, a traditional Chinese broth filled with nutritious ingredients is sure to pick you up. Soupland offers a weekly menu of home-cooked soups, which are said to have a range of health benefits. The black chicken soup with coconut, snow fungus and reds, for instance, is believed to be good for the lung and kidney; while the classic pork bone broth with longan and yartsa gunbu, or caterpillar fungus, can protect the liver and strengthen the immune system. Have a pre-made pack delivered to your home, or order the daily special for takeaway at their shop.

Shop A1, G/F, Kam Hoi Mansion Phase 2, 47 Pan Hoi Street, Quarry Bay
9169 9388

Go Nuts for Coconut: Siu Chung Coconut Soup

There’s a reason why coconut is called the “tree of life”: it’s an excellent source of protein, minerals and MCTs – a unique form of fat that helps you lose excess body fat. Now you can enjoy this wonder fruit in an array of tasty soups by Siu Chung Coconut Soup at Cityplaza. Using coconut shells as bowls, the flavourful blends are simmered for over four hours with coconut water and an array of ingredients. Opt for the beauty-boosting pig trotter soup with peanuts and red dates, or try the ash gourd, barley and pork rib soup, which is said to help remove toxins from the body. 

Siu Chung Coconut Soup
Shop 144, L1, Cityplaza (inside Eslite Spectrum Tai Koo Store)
3419 1147, 5202 1535

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Peppery Indulgence: Chatterbox Express

Nothing beats a peppery bowl of bak kut teh, or pork rib soup, to rejuvenate a tired body. Chatterbox Express, an internationally acclaimed restaurant from Singapore, serves the Teochew version based on a traditional pork rib soup recipe by using garlic, white pepper and herbs. But like many other traditional Singaporean dishes on their menu, this broth is given a twist with a blend of Chinese spices for an even richer taste and aroma. Dip the pork rib into thick soy sauce and pair it with mee sua (wheat vermicelli) or steamed rice for a comforting, satisfying bite.

Chatterbox Express
G515, G/F, Kin On Mansion, On Shing Terrace, Taikoo Shing
2904 8603

Spice It Up: Chujado Resaurant

This one is for the Korean food lover – the spicy kimchi-jjigae, or stew, from Chujado Restaurant. As a staple food in Korean cuisine, kimchi not only has a complex flavour, but is also packed with nutrients like vitamins B6, C, K and probiotics. As a soup, it’s spicy, tangy and umami all at once. Chujado Restaurant’s kimchi-jjigae recipe includes both a seafood and non-seafood option with soft bean curd, zucchini and egg, served with rice or noodles. They also offer other authentic Korean soups such as the soybean paste stew and the beef rib soup.

Chujado Restaurant
Shop D3, G/F, Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay
5661 5823

Wholesome Warmer: Nood Food

Having a busy day with little time for lunch? Nood Food’s healthy soups feature nutritious ingredients and are substantial enough to re-energise you. They offer two choices each day at their Taikoo Place branch, including a vegetarian option. The Country Vegetable Soup is a must-try when it’s on the menu – made with tomato, red kidney beans, quinoa and kale, it’s low in fat, rich in lean protein and fibre, and simply delicious. For an even more satisfying blend, the Cauliflower and Potato Stew with Edamame is hearty and flavourful, and especially comforting on cold days to warm you up.

Nood Food
1/F, Lincoln House, Taikoo Place
3691 3965

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