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Classic Local Snacks You Should Try in Quarry Bay


• We round up four traditional snacks that you need to try in Quarry Bay: egg tart, pineapple bun, candy and coconut wraps and French toast.


It’s 3:15pm and you’re in need of a snack – well, you’re in luck! From pineapple buns to cha chaan teng-style French toast, these Quarry Bay eateries serve up authentic treats that are sure to satisfy your case of the afternoon munchies – and your childhood memories.

Egg tart from New Phoenix Bakery

G/F, Cheong Lee Building, 206-208 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, North Point (Outside Exit C of Quarry Bay Station)

Making a good egg tart is not easy – thankfully, New Phoenix Bakery has over 50 years of experience making these golden-yellow delights. “Many bakery chains now mass produce egg tarts using machines,” says co-owner Koey Lui . “We insist on handmaking them – you can really taste the difference.” Using a traditional recipe, Chef Por Lui and his team make the custard and cookie-base crust fresh every day. Their generosity with using good ingredients is obvious: the pastry is crumbly and buttery, while the filling is smooth and creamy. “We want to preserve this traditional flavour because it represents Hong Kong’s heritage,” says the chef.

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Pineapple bun from Kam Kee Cafe

Shop G5-G6, G/F, Kornhill Plaza North, 1-2 Kornhill Road, Tai Koo

Pineapple buns can be found in almost every local bakery, but if you want one that’s guaranteed to be warm and scrumptious, visit Kam Kee Cafe. All of their pastries are baked on site and kept in a warming cabinet, so your pineapple bun will stay fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. “As the buns sell out quickly, we keep baking them fresh throughout the day,” says owner Mr Chui . It makes for a substantial breakfast or afternoon tea, but for an even more satisfying treat, order a boh loh yau – a pineapple bun with a thick slice of butter.

Candy and coconut wrap from Lam Kee Snacks

Shop SF3A, 3/F, Kornhill Plaza, 1-2 Kornhill Road, Tai Koo

It’s hard to find candy and coconut wraps on the street these days, but Lam Kee Snacks has brought this popular snack back from the 50s. “We’ve improved the recipe so it uses less sugar to suit people’s preferences for healthier snacks, and the maltose candy is also less sticky as a result,” says owner Jack Lam . While the wrap has been modernised, it’s still prepared in the traditional way, with the candies kept in a big metal box. It’s a nostalgic experience to watch the wrap being prepared on the spot, just like hawkers did in the old days.

French toast from Busy Bee

Shop 1, G/F, Kai Wing Mansion, 4-6 Hoi Wan Street, Quarry Bay

The French toast can easily become an oily, soggy mess if not done well – not the ones from Busy Bee. “I used to run a cha chaan teng 20 years ago, so I’m using the same method and ingredients to make our French toasts today,” says owner Mr Chung . “We make sure the oil temperature is right and change the oil frequently for a fresh taste.” They also cut the toast into four slices for more even frying. The result? A divine treat that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with an even layer of peanut butter that makes every bite enjoyable.

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