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6 Things to Know About The Sixteenth


• The Sixteenth, Taikoo Place’s latest dining destination, will open in Oxford House this fall.
• Ahead of the opening, we catch up with Manuel Palacio, co-founder and CEO of Pirata Group, to find out more about this unique dining concept.


Foodies of Taikoo Place, we have good news for you: a new dining destination is soon opening in Oxford House! Designed and operated by Pirata Group – the same company behind popular venues like The Pizza Project, pasta bar Pici, modern Japanese restaurant Honjo, and the recently opened Pane E Latte – The Sixteenth will be the neighbourhood’s biggest dining “district” that houses not one, but four new restaurants.

“It’ll be a place for the community to not only enjoy great food, but also socialise with each other in very different settings at the four restaurants,” says Manuel Palacio, co-founder and CEO of Pirata Group. “And on the weekend, it’ll become a destination that invites people to come and experience what we have to offer.”

While we wait in anticipation of this unique concept’s opening, Palacio shares six things to know about The Sixteenth before you book.

1. It’s a tribute to Quarry Bay.

You aren’t alone if you’re wondering why it’s called “The Sixteenth”. And no, it’s not located on the 16th floor. It actually refers to Quarry Bay, which is part of the 16th district of Hong Kong. “It pays homage to the home of our new venue,” says Palacio. “In fact, the original name was ‘District 16’, but we wanted to give it a little bit of mystery, so we shortened it to The Sixteenth.”

2. It includes four dining concepts under one roof.

“When Taikoo Place and we began discussing the possibility of bringing a new dining concept to the community, it was only going to be one restaurant,” he shares. “But when we were told that we could have a space of 18,000 sq ft that could seat 400, I knew it would be an opportunity to create something more beautiful for the district.” And the result is a four-in-one destination, featuring Italian restaurant La Favorita, terrace bar and garden Tempo Tempo, Honjo’s new sushi-focused extension Honjokko, and the group’s signature temakeria, or hand roll and sake bar, TMK Funk & Rolls.

3. It’s designed for every occasion, from me-time to fun time.

Whether you want to enjoy a quiet breakfast, meet a client, or celebrate an occasion, there’s something for you. “While the service level and quality of design are cohesive, they each offer a distinct experience for different needs and budgets,” says Palacio.

Perfect for gatherings with friends and family, the eclectic La Favorita is decked out with colourful fabrics from Italy and hand-painted vases to transport you to 1980s Sicily. If you want to work outside on a sunny day, Tempo Tempo brings the Italian summer to you with its plants and a lively atmosphere. Planning a business lunch? Honjokko is a high-end outlet with comfortable, business class-like seats. Finally, if you’ve been to other TMK branches, you’ll know what to expect from TMK Funk & Rolls: a casual space that combines Palacio’s passions for food and music. “Imagine the house of a funk celebrity from the 1970s. It’ll be exactly that, with a lot of colours and posters,” he says. “Have fun – drink sake, laugh, scream – it’s all okay here.”

4. It’s offering dishes to satisfy every palate.

With four different dining concepts, you’ll easily find what you like no matter what you’re in the mood for. Pastas will be signature at La Favorita – Palacio recommends the lobster pasta, which includes a full lobster shareable for three. For a beer or classic cocktails like Negroni and Bellini, as well as Italian snacks like pizzettas, head to Tempo Tempo. On the Japanese side, Honjokko will serve up modern sushi that combine traditional techniques and innovative flavours; while TMK features the brand’s signature menu with handrolls, snacks and sake. And if you’re vegan, rest assure that there’ll be options for you at each of the outlets.

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5. It’s the place to expand your culinary horizons.

You can enjoy signature dishes and drinks by the four restaurants throughout the year, but Palacio reveals that there’ll also be seasonal and special menus for different occasions. “We’re creating a continuous programme that lets you explore different flavours,” he says. “For example, we may put together a limited-time menu for TMK on National Get Funky Day, or for La Favorita on the Italian National Day. That means you can always return to our dining district for new tasting experiences.”

6. It’s opening soon!

Can’t wait to eat at The Sixteenth? Well, it won’t be long now! However, only a limited number of tables can be reserved during the soft opening period – stay tuned to Pirata’s Facebook Page to see how you can be the first to explore this one-of-a-kind dining space!

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The renderings are for illustrative purpose only – visit The Sixteenth when it opens to see the beautiful space in person!
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