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Why It Pays to “PLAY” at Work


• It pays to play and have fun at work – it allows you to press “Pause”, “Lift” the mood, “Amuse” yourself and your colleagues, and celebrate achievements together (say “Yay!”).


Who says the office has to be all work and no play? Aside from lifting your mood, introducing a little play at work can not only boost office morale but cultivate more creative – and productive – workplaces. So, next time you’re feeling stressed or swamped with work, remember to “PLAY” – “Pause”, “Lift”, “Amuse” and say “Yay”!

Pause: Create Opportunities to Play at Work

We often forget about the dark side of our obsession with productivity – burnout. So don’t forget to set aside a few moments in every work day to pause, relax and recharge. Better still, injecting even just a few moments of mirth – be it a shoutout session or a pop-up music break – can have a huge positive impact on your overall mood and productivity. A 2015 study by BrightHR found that employees who took the time to play and have fun at work were more likely to feel creative and committed to their company.

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Lift: Positivity Pushes up the Mood

A positive, playful environment is naturally more engaging, so lifting the mood in the workplace has many potential benefits. Fostering a dynamic office culture where you can play at work encourages people to feel positive about turning up, leading to greater job satisfaction and reduced absenteeism. It may be as simple as organising something fun like a team lunch once a week or an office playlist people can contribute to for the next office party.

Amuse: Harness the Power of Laughter

Not only is laughter the best medicine, but research shows that humour can help us become more creative problem-solvers too. Blue-chip companies including Nissan, Nike and McDonalds have even sent senior executives to comedy clubs to sharpen their communication and lateral thinking skills. Some easy ways to foster shared laughter and play at work could be creating an office-wide group chat for sharing memes and funny headlines, suggesting a dress-up theme for the next office party or arranging fun workout challenges with colleagues.

Yay! Celebrate Good Times and Great Achievements

We seem to be better at congratulating each other on big promotions than celebrating the smaller victories that contribute to our colleagues’ self-esteem and growth. A study by Randstad revealed that one in five workers in Hong Kong left their job because they felt underappreciated. Cultivating more relaxed workplaces with less emphasis on hierarchy and a greater openness may encourage colleagues to share their thoughts and opinions more freely and in turn, raise each other up. We are, after all, a tribal species – and what’s good for the tribe is good for us.

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