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A Glimpse of the Next-Gen Workspace


· Plug and Play, Taikoo Place’s latest alternative workspace, has launched at Oxford House.
· See what the next generation workspace may look like, with more focus space and flexibility while supporting collaboration and health.


You may have noticed something different about Oxford House: the ground floor lobby has been taken over by Plug and Play, a new alternative work area fitted with amenities by furniture company Steelcase. Not only does it serve as an office away from the office for the Taikoo Place community, but it also shows us a glimpse of the next generation workspace – how is it changing to meet new demands of the modern professional?

Focus Space

Many organisations have gotten rid of cubicles in favour of an open office plan to enhance communication and help create a sense of community. But the downside is that distractions become almost inevitable, making it hard to concentrate when you need to do focused work. To address this issue, offices need to provide a focus space – a quiet area where employees can do their tasks uninterrupted. At Plug and Play, this takes the form of a phone booth that offers acoustic privacy. There are also personal work lounges resembling business class airplane seats that reduce visual distractions. These options don’t take up a lot of space, but can hugely improve productivity.

More Flexibility

Flexibility has been a buzzword in the work landscape over the past couple of years – and for a good reason. With the rapid changes in technology and global markets, today’s workplace needs to be agile to adapt to unpredictable challenges. A flexible office design will then become key to facilitate quick transitions between different modes of working, while optimising the use of a space. In other words, the same space can be easily reconfigured for different individual and team activities, from focused work to brainstorming sessions, and from presentations to celebrations. This can be done by incorporating flexible amenities such as portable markerboards, mobile power sources and desks with wheels.

Connection and Collaboration

With hybrid working becoming more common, collaboration is no longer confined to the office. Thanks to advances in telecommunication technology, the next-gen workspace is well equipped to connect and support collaboration among on-site and remote workers. The soundproof acoustic pod at Plug and Play provides air circulation and access to power, so teams can use it as a freestanding meeting room with remote teammates or clients. Hardware aside, a speedy, reliable network is also essential to enhance connection between employees working from different locations, so it won’t be surprising if more companies will adopt 5G or Wi-Fi 6 technologies – just like Taikoo Place.

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Health as Priority

Working professionals are more concerned with health and safety nowadays. As a result, new office designs also put an increasing emphasis on supporting workplace wellbeing. Expect to see more elements that help create a more dynamic work environment, such as desks at different heights, as well as ergonomic furniture that promotes proper postures. Facilities like phone booths also help to reduce contact while enabling connection from a safe distance, while frequently touched surfaces are designed for easy cleaning and disinfection. By prioritising health and wellness, the workspace becomes a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable to create, collaborate and socialise throughout their day.

Experience the next-gen workspace for yourself at Plug and Play, open to the Taikoo Place office community for free from Monday to Friday.

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