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Bond Boosters – Level Up Your Team Relationships


We spend more time in the office than with our families, yet so often we just bury ourselves in work and forget to invest in our working relationships. They are vital for office morale and productivity, though, so try these simple methods to help your team improve communication and build positive bonds!

Best Buddies
We all need friends, even at work. This is especially true for new employees who are unfamiliar with the company’s culture. Why not establish a buddy system in your office to help ease new hires into their roles? A workplace buddy can offer guidance and insight into the company’s inner workings, while the newcomer can ask questions in a less formal setting. You can also pair up employees from different departments – this gives everyone a clearer understanding of how and what other teams are doing, which translates to better communication within your organisation.

Random Acts of Kindness
When did you last do something nice for your colleagues? A little kindness goes a long way; even a small gesture like a smile or a genuine compliment can brighten up someone’s day. Set an example by performing random acts of kindness, and you’ll soon notice a subtle yet powerful shift toward a more positive atmosphere at your workplace. One easy way to do this is by asking your teammates to fill out a questionnaire about what they like – favourite snacks, flowers, colours, hobbies – and surprise them later when they need a pick-me-up.
Two-Way Street
From online project management platforms to shared calendars, there are many effective tools to keep your team on the same page. However, when it comes to fostering trust and collaboration, nothing really replaces face-to-face interaction. Regular meetings not only provide a channel for everyone to share updates and feedbacks, but also connect those who work independently. Even if everything can be said and done via email, the human element of an in-person meeting enhances the sense of involvement, as team members are able to engage in two-way communication.
Good Food, Good Mood
What better way to increase social interactions than with what everybody loves – food! Consider adding “Free Food Friday” to your team’s weekly schedule: every Friday, order in treats for the whole office, or take your team out for breakfast or lunch. The idea is to bring people together, allowing them to unwind and catch up on non-work-related matters in a casual setting. While this can obviously take place on any day of the week, people tend to feel more relaxed before the weekend. Plus, it’s a nice reward after a week’s hard work.

Secret Talents
Having an outlet for our passions is essential for mental wellbeing, so give your teammates the chance to share theirs by hosting skill share sessions that showcase their talents. Prepare to be surprised, though – you might find a kung fu master, Michelin-worthy chef and the new Van Gogh among you! This confidence-boosting experience addresses work-life balance by encouraging employees to explore their interests, and is also an incredible bonding opportunity that lets people see a different side of one another.
The Hall of Fame
We can’t emphasise enough the importance of recognition; no one would want to stick around if they didn’t feel valued. Timely, sincere compliments can already leave a positive impact, but why not take it to the next level by creating a monthly or annual hall of fame? Present awards that recognise your teammates’ efforts, whether they are work or personal achievements. You can also get creative and include awards such as “Best Smile of the Month” or “Multitasker of the Year” to add a fun vibe to the event. The bottom line is, we all feel better when we’re seen, heard and valued.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a manager or a team member – check out these tips to boost your workplace communication!
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