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The Gift of Giving: Where to Volunteer This Holiday Season

Buy gifts. Check! Decorate the house. Check! Give back. Check? It’s easy to get caught up in the end of year rush and forget what truly matters – to connect with others. And what better way to do that than by getting involved in the community? Spread the spirit of giving with these volunteering opportunities in Hong Kong!

Sharing is Caring
Nobody is an island, so give a helping hand to the less fortunate in our community by joining a Kindness Walk by ImpactHK, a registered NGO that helps reconnect the homeless to society and, ultimately, get them off the streets. On these hour-long walks, you’ll deliver not only necessities like food, toiletries and clothing, but also kindness and hope to those in need. There are also family walks – perfect for teaching and cultivating compassion in children.
Future Builder
Education can transform lives, and you can help build a better future for children by becoming a volunteer tutor at Be The Change, which offers English lessons to underprivileged youngsters, particularly those of ethnic minorities. Don’t have teaching experience? No worries, a qualified educator will be on hand to provide guidance. In addition to weekly classes, you can also interact and bond with students through monthly outings. Your contribution will not only make a difference in their lives, but by teaching you’ll also learn something new about yourself and the community.
Positive Strides
Enjoy the outdoors? Love children and animals? The Riding for the Disabled Association offers a rare volunteering experience that satisfies all your wishes. You don’t need any horse riding experience but enthusiasm and patience to assist in therapeutic riding sessions for disabled children, which are proven to have benefits such as improved muscle strength, coordination and concentration, as well as better self-image, emotion regulation skills and social relationships. And the rewards for you? A new appreciation for the gentle creatures and the genuine smiles on the little riders’ faces.

Show Some Love
Show your care to those with Down syndrome and autism by leading or assisting in LOVE 21 Foundation's fitness and nutrition programmes, which are designed to help them build a fit body and more importantly, positive relationships with others, which is essential for mental wellbeing. There’s an array of activities that you can participate in, including dance, yoga, football and surfing classes. A healthy body and mind lay the foundation for a happy, fulfilling life – this is true not just for those you’re helping, but for you as well!
Man’s Best Friend
Pets are our best friends, but sadly there are still thousands of animals abandoned in our city every year. Help these furry friends to find new homes by supporting LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity's work, which includes adoption and fostering programmes. With volunteering options for different levels of commitment, animal lovers can get involved in various activities, from dog walking and bottle-feeding orphaned puppies and kittens, to fostering and matching animals with adopters.
Save Our Earth
Did you know? More than two million bars of soap are discarded each year by hotels in Hong Kong, creating chemical waste that pollutes our soil and water. But there’s something you can do: join Soap Cycling on their mission to eliminate soap waste by collecting and recycling used soap from hotels. The soap bars are then delivered to underprivileged regions where millions, especially children, still suffer from hygiene-related diseases. You can be a part of this meaningful cause by donating money, soap, or time as you help at their warehouse where soap bars are cleaned, sorted and recycled.

Helping others gives you a sense of peace and purpose. Try these feel-good mindfulness exercises, too!
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