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Discover Taikoo Place: Where Wellness Takes Centre Stage


When you think about wellness, do you think about working out, eating well, and living mindfully? You’re right about that – but there’s much more to it, too.  Since October 2020, the Discover Taikoo Place community engagement programme has been promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle by offering a range of experiences for audiences both on and offline. Let’s revisit some of the 2020 programme highlights and see what else living well can entail.         

Healthy living begins with a balanced lifestyle
As we all know, a conscious diet, physical fitness and good mental health are the cornerstones of a balanced lifestyle. Thanks to support from dedicated tenants and community partners, a series of Better Living Pop-ups were hosted. 

But to be well, we need to nourish our bodies, too. The community had the chance to savour delicious plant-based treats, including exclusive breakfast and lunch items, at the Green Common Pop-up at ArtisTree. And in November, the popular Tong Chong Street Market returned, bringing with it local and international vendors for a Coffee Festival. This event saw foodies coming through to sample trendy snacks and exclusive dishes, shop for eco-living products, and to enjoy a cuppa joe at Blue Bottle Coffee’s first ever-pop-up in Hong Kong. If you need evidence of how this joyous event brought a pick-me-up to the community, just check #tcsmmarkethk for some of the beautiful Instagram images shared by the 150,000 foodies who visited the market. 

Art and culture adds energy to life 
Whether it’s a soothing painting or a relaxing song, the arts can do wonders for our mental wellbeing – like the eight online concerts by PROJECT AFTER 6: THE PITCH 2020 in October, with musicians from Taikoo Place showcasing their passion with music lovers everywhere. Finalists from the initial online auditions joined celebrity artists, such as Gin Lee, AGA, RubberBand, ToNick and Terence Lam in the cool virtual gigs to unleash their musical talent and spread positivity through music. 

Also bringing the uplifting power of art online was ArtisTree’s Art Unchained live media art installation in November. Featuring French artist Patrick Tresset’s robotic installation, Human Study #1, 5RNP, the show brought in human models to be sketched by the skilful robot “artists” during the live-streamed event. Traditionally, art installations are viewed physically in a gallery space, but this exhibition broke the boundaries by incorporating theatrical elements and digital technology. As a result, the intriguing virtual experience attracted over 20,000 viewers online. 

Let’s come together
One of the main reasons we enjoy our work is the social connections that we establish with the people around us. This aspect of wellbeng is also an essential part of work-life balance, even in the days of lockdown. On 13 and 20 November, Discover Taikoo Place brought the community together during two online lunchtime forums on art and technology. As part of the Art Unchained programme, the panel discussions explored how technologies such as blockchain have been reshaping the creative world and beyond. Participants connected with moderator Angie Lau, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Forkast.News, as well as experts from Art Unchained, Baker McKenzie, Gianni & Origoni, Mastercard, Smartify,, and Tracr in these thought-provoking discussions. Read this recap story for the key takeaways of the forums; or watch the full discussions on Taikoo Place’s Facebook page.
A healthy planet means a healthier you
We are not just what we eat, but also where we live. When it comes to creating a more sustainable environment, we all matter – and there’s so much we can do!

In March and April 2021, Discover Taikoo Place hosted three virtual Sustainability Lunchtime Talks where Taikoo Place tenants shared their sustainability journeys towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), based on studies conducted by Honestly Green and Green Queen Media. PALO IT showed us how they encourage staff to “be the change”, while GUERLAIN talked about initiatives that empower women to reduce poverty and inequalities. Finally, SaladStop! discussed how they support the circular economy and help consumers make choices that are healthier for the planet and themselves.

Their inspiring stories delivered an important message: no matter what industries we’re in, we all count to make a positive impact. Rewatch the intriguing discussions on Taikoo Place’s YouTube Channel and stay inspired!

Stay tuned to Taikoo Place’s Facebook page for more exciting community happenings!

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