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Travel the World with Coffee at TCSM

Feeling the travel bug? You’re in luck – Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) is back to take you on a flavoursome trip with coffee, starting this month! From Africa to Latin America, discover the distinct tastes and aromas of coffee beans from around the world, with exclusive brews created by selected international and local cafés. There will also be special treats to surprise your taste buds – let the journey begin!

Travel to Congo with Even0 Coffee Company

At TCSM: 2-27 November
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to a rich variety of coffees, such as the washed Blue Mountain bean presented by Even0 Coffee Company, a local brand to launch at TCSM. “It has a complex aroma profile that blends the sweetness of honey and caramel with a hint of cinnamon-like spices,” says Monie of Even0. “The taste is rounded with a mild acidity and a spice-like finish – perfect for a cool autumn day!” Produced as part of the Virunga Coffee project to support local farmers, these beans were sourced through a green bean merchant in limited quantities, and will be available exclusively in Hong Kong at TCSM.

Try this:
Savour the distinctive flavour of this bean in Espresso shots or the Iced Drip, which takes 48 to 72 hours of low-temperature fermentation to produce. Complete your culinary experience with canapés made by their partner and popular Italian restaurant, Ehonia.

Travel to Ethiopia with Knockbox Coffee Company

At TCSM: 2-27 November
The birthplace of arabica coffee, Ethiopia is known for a diverse range of rare beans thanks to its nutrient-rich soil, high altitude and unique microclimate. TCSM vendor Knockbox Coffee will be bringing you one particular lot, called Daye Bensa, from the Ethiopian highlands of Sidama. Previously too cold for coffee, it’s now a popular new area teeming with beautiful farms and washing stations due to climate change. “We discovered this lot during our visit back in 2018,” says head barista and roaster CP. “These beans were fermented anaerobically [naturally] to introduce some very interesting notes, then roasted on the light side to preserve the delicate flavours – like an elegant black tea, with a silky smooth mouthfeel and a lingering floral aroma.”

Try this: Don’t underestimate the power of the simple Pour Over to bring out the bean’s complex flavours. They’ve also crafted an exclusive mocktail, the Autumn Breeze, with non-alcoholic gin, tonic water and their signature espresso base using this Ethiopian bean. Cheers!

Travel to Kenya with All About Coffee

At TCSM: 2-27 November
With washed processing predominating Kenya’s coffee industry, it’s almost impossible to find natural coffee here – almost. All About Coffee, a platform that promotes coffee culture in Hong Kong, will be bringing the Kenya Nyeri Jungle Estate Red Cherry SLD Anaerobic Natural beans to TCSM. “The anaerobic process makes the coffee fruity and juicy, with notes of strawberry, passion fruit, plum, blackcurrant and cherry liqueur-like aromas,” says Petal from All About Coffee. “We’re working with Urban Coffee Roaster, one of four cafés to join us at TCSM, to create a drink that will showcase this rare bean.”

Try this: Available during the week of 9 November, taste the intense, but not overwhelming, fruity notes of the bean in Urban Coffee Roaster’s Filter Coffee. All About Coffee is also partnering with Favilla Café, Café Revol and barista Mandy Mok to serve up a range of special brews throughout November, don’t miss out!

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Travel to Latin America with Winstons Coffee

At TCSM: 1-18 December
As the current largest coffee producing region in the world, Latin America offers a wide variety of arabica and robusta beans. While Brazil and Colombia remain the leading producers, other areas are also known for coffees with unique characteristics. At TCSM in December, local favourite Winstons Coffee will send you on a trip to not one, but two Latin American countries with the Allpress Browns Mill Organic blend, featuring beans from Honduras and Peru. “The two beans combine perfectly to create a well-balanced coffee,” says founder Simon. “Honduras Intibuca has a gentle acidity with a solid, syrupy body; while Peru Alto Mayo brings sweet citrus notes with moderate acidity.” The result? A mellow cup with soft, milk chocolate flavour, enhanced with toffee and juicy fruit notes.

Try this: The TCSM-exclusive Organic Cold Brew is at once energising and satisfying – be warned though, as it contains the same amount of caffeine as four shots of espresso!

The TCSM Coffee Festival will run from 2 November to 18 December, opening every weekday from 8am to 3pm. In addition to the above cafés, the market will also feature acclaimed brands like Blue Bottle Coffee, Cat’s Eye Bistro, Nomad Burger and more. Find out more here!
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