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Online Concerts and More: 6 Reasons You’ll Love PA6 2020

One thing that makes life at Taikoo Place different is a balance between work and play. And with PROJECT AFTER 6: THE PITCH (PA6) returning as part of Discover Taikoo Place, get ready for lots of fun and music to help you relax. Here are just six reasons why you will love this year’s programme.

1. Wind down with free concerts

Music could just be the reward for a hard day’s work. From 12 to 21 October, get your night fix at the free online concerts by PROJECT AFTER 6: THE PITCH 2020 participants, who will put on a show every week day at 9pm. As part of Swire Properties’ Sustainable Development initiatives to promote work/life balance, you can expect this programme to be an extraordinary experience that will give you that much-needed boost and positivity.

2. Enjoy the online concerts wherever you are

For the first time ever, the PA6 shows will be streamed on Taikoo Place’s Facebook page, thanks to support from MOOV, who shares Taikoo Place’s vision in creating enriching experiences for the community. The digital music service will bring the gigs to you through lossless audio and high-definition video streaming; so, whether you’re working from home or at your office desk, you’ll be able to tune in for the high-quality performances by our talented musicians.

3. Get to know musicians from all walks of life

PA6 participants are Hong Kong office workers just like you. But these musicians also come from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique talents and music journey. What they all share, though, is a dream and a passion for music – and you will see (and hear) that as they sing their hearts out at the performances. Expect to encounter a variety of instruments and styles that will expand your own music horizons.

4. “Meet” the stars

Renowned singers always join in on the fun at PA6. And this year, with MOOV’s support, we’re having another star-studded line-up of celebrity musicians. Joining Gin Lee, AGA and RubberBand, local pop sensations ToNick, Terence Lam, Judas Law, Jay Fung, Michael Lai and Tang Siu-hau will also appear at the PA6 concerts for the first time. These local music frontrunners will be performing alongside our community’s music makers – so, get ready to virtually “meet” your favourite artists at the online concerts!

5. Special wellbeing support from Bupa

PA6 is all about building a sustainable lifestyle that supports your work, life and dreams – and for that, you need a healthy body and mind. Sharing this belief is Taikoo Place tenant Bupa Hong Kong, who joins in to support the PA6 initiative this year. An exclusive Chinese medicine consultation with Quality HealthCare will be arranged for the PA6 musicians and the Taikoo Place community on how to take care of their voice. They can also take a stress test with a psychologist to boost their mental health.

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6. Be inspired to live your dream

The end of the October concerts doesn’t mark the end of these musical journeys. The indie musicians will join past participants in the PA6 Family, which will provide them with exclusive masterclasses and performance opportunities to help them develop their craft. Follow their progress and witness their growth in future concerts – they are stars in the making, and perhaps, they’ll also inspire you to follow your heart and chase your dreams?

Stay tuned to Taikoo Place’s Facebook page for updates of the programme.
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