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Fashion for Good: Responsible Shopping with OnTheList


Wearing clothes that we like can have a positive effect on our mood – how about our planet? With the massive amount of waste created each year, fashion is one of the major polluting industries in the world. The good news is, we have a choice to shop responsibly, and it isn’t as hard as you think! OnTheList, for example, is a flash sales platform that offers a sustainable shopping experience. Read on to see how they redefine responsible consumption and help create a greener fashion industry through your participation.   

Old is the new “new” 

In fashion, what’s “in” today is “out” tomorrow, but just because something isn’t “trendy” anymore doesn’t mean it’s unwearable and valueless. To extend the product life cycle, OnTheList provides a platform where brands can sell their past-season merchandise at discounted prices during flash sales. 

“We are turning old inventory into opportunity,” says Diego Dultzin Lacoste, co-founder and CFO of OnTheList. This way, out-of-season items that are still “new” get a second chance with shoppers who enjoy great deals, while brands get to reach a wider consumer market and reduce wastage. “It’s a win-win solution for shoppers, brands and the planet,” he says. “We’re especially excited to bring this responsible shopping experience to Taikoo Place, which is a thriving community of smart, fashionable and responsible individuals.”     

Recycling is a collaborative effort
Off-season garments aren’t the only waste products of the take-make-dispose industrial model; packaging materials such as hangers, polybags, bubble wrap, cardboard and paper stuffing often end up in landfills too. In fact, a total of 85 billion single-use hangers are discarded globally each year. It’s an industry-wide issue that can’t be tackled by individual companies alone – a collaborative effort is absolutely necessary. 

For OnTheList, working with a wide network of brands allows them to tap into these partnerships to make a greater impact. Since 2019, they have been supporting a recycling programme for the fashion industry together with their partners, including Taikoo Place tenants Burberry and Kering. They gather plastic hangers, plastics and paper products from brands, which are then delivered to their recycling partners for sorting and processing, and ultimately to manufacturers to reuse or repurpose into new products. “To date, we have saved over 12.6 tons of plastic hangers and 162.7 tons of cardboard,” says Dultzin Lacoste. “It really shows that together with our partners, we can achieve incredible results when we all do our part towards minimising waste.” 

Giving back to support a circular economy
If you haven’t heard of the “circular economy” yet, it means approaching economic development in a way that benefits not only businesses, but also society and the environment. So, how does giving back support a circular economy? 

“At OnTheList, we do what we can to ensure that the products we interact with will not go to waste,” says Christina Wang, general manager of OnTheList HK. “By teaming up with local organisations through our sustainability arm, OnTheLove, we give back to society by donating unsold items to people in need.” 

In addition to donating items to charities such as Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong and Mother’s Choice, they also organise charity sales and recently, a Swap Party. “We encouraged people to bring gently worn items to swap with each other at the party. All the proceeds went to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, while the remaining items were donated to ImpactHK and Redress,” says Wang. “Being fashionable shouldn’t mean being wasteful. By giving back, we can be responsibly fashionable while making a difference.” 

OnTheList will be hosting an exclusive flash sale with Balenciaga for Taikoo Place tenants from 20 to 23 April. Get verified on Taikoo Social for access to this sustainable shopping experience!

16/F, Devon House, Taikoo Place
12-8pm, 20 April
8am-8pm, 21-23 April

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