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BEAM Raises Green Building Standards Across Hong Kong

27 Jun 2017

Swire Properties has been at the forefront of championing green buildings for many years, and we played a key role in establishing the Building Environment Assessment Method (BEAM) in Hong Kong over a decade ago – which has helped to raise green standards across the industry.

BEAM is a voluntary private sector initiative conceived in 1996. It has now evolved into an internationally recognised suite of rating tools for green buildings. BEAM’s purpose is to encourage developers to adopt the best green techniques and standards. These should reduce the environmental impact of buildings, while maintaining and even improving the quality of the built environment.

We are a leading advocate of BEAM – a mark of quality that commercial tenants, buyers, investors and employees recognise and value. In Hong Kong, 22 of our properties have been rated “Excellent” or “Platinum”, the highest ratings under BEAM.

In addition to promoting green buildings through BEAM, we also encourage our commercial tenants to ‘go green’, and we provide support and advice to ensure that together, we can create more sustainable communities.

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