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One Taikoo Place to Feature the Latest in Green Building Technology

27 Jun 2017

Swire Properties’ latest development, One Taikoo Place, is set to be one of the most advanced green buildings in Hong Kong. The new development in Taikoo Place combines the latest and most cuttingedge sustainability / green technologies, including passive and active systems to reduce both energy demand and consumption during operations.

When One Taikoo Place is completed in 2018, it will set a new standard of what a green, sustainable building is.

A quarter of the roof will include a green space to reduce heat absorption, which will also help cool the building during hot weather. In total, the development area will include 69,000 sq ft of green space, offering the wider community a relaxing and harmonious environment. To reduce water consumption, the building will collect rainwater and recycle grey water (waste water from kitchens and water basins). Sensors will also be installed in the building to ensure that lights are switched off when not in use, to reduce energy consumption.

One Taikoo Place’s most significant achievement is set to be the fact that it will be the first-ever commercial building in Hong Kong to use a waste-to-energy, tri-generation system. One Taikoo Place will use waste oil collected from our F&B tenants to fuel this tri-generation – the simultaneous generation of electricity, heating and cooling.

What’s more, solar panels on the roof will be a source of renewable energy and will help further reduce the building’s carbon footprint.
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