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Living Walls and Bricks That Are Grown – The Future of Green Buildings Is Here

27 Jun 2017

Green buildings are fast becoming the trend around the world. While skyscrapers are getting taller and taller, making sure that they are also greener and greener is equally important. So what exactly makes a building ‘green’?

A ‘green’ building is one that is sustainable across its life cycle – from construction, to operation, to maintenance and demolition. There are many factors that make a building ‘green’, and these can include: the use of sustainable materials in its construction; ensuring that the building is energy efficient through thermal insulation; or reducing water usage by recycling rainwater.

New technologies are constantly being developed to support green-building innovation, which all aim to reduce the overall impact of a built environment on human health and the natural environment. Some examples of this include ‘Living Walls’, which are made from plant material. These walls can help warm and cool a building without the need for heating or air conditioning. It’s now even possible to ‘grow’ bricks using a process similar to the way coral is formed. There are no carbon emissions and less water is used when compared to the regular brick-manufacturing process.

We continue to support new environmental sustainability strategies through our partnership with Tsinghua University for the Joint Research Centre for Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. Established in September 2011, the Joint Research Centre aims to further identify, study and test new energy strategies by leveraging Swire Properties' projects in Mainland China.

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