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White Coffee


White coffee is definitely Hong Kongers’ favourite coffee drink, with Flat White and Latte amongst the most popular, but do you know the difference between them?

Although these two types of coffee are blended with espresso and hot milk, but when it comes to the flavour of the milk it couldn’t be more different. Popular white coffee in Australia has a 1:2 ratio of espresso and steam. The taste is rich; less foamy on top; texture thin like velvet, and it’s easy to drink, especially suitable for espresso fans. The ratio of latte is instead1:5, resulting in a weaker flavour, thick foamed and textured, a popular choice for coffee fans who also appreciate milk.

These two milky coffee drinks will be available at all coffee stalls in the Tong Chong Street Market this year, with some of the stalls even offering Cappuccino and Piccolo Latte. The former has the thickest foam with an amazing after taste, whereas the latter has half the proportion of milk than the latte, therefore allowing drinkers to enjoy a more original bean flavour. Coffee fans can first find their ideal coffee beans according to the degree of roasting, and then decide on which white coffee to enjoy based on concentration and taste.

In recent years, many coffee shops have also begun to offer a variety of plant milk for guests to choose, including soy milk, oatmeal and almond milk. This year, there are also stalls such as Vitasoy, Return Coffee Roastry and Elixir that provide the aforementioned vegetable milk, allowing drinkers who are allergic to milk and vegans a chance to experience the charms of coffee. Oatly is this year’s break out star in terms of plant milk. This oatmeal milk has a thick texture, which allows the barista to create patterns on the foam with ease. Furthermore, and there is off taste with the milk, which more than makes up for the shortage of soy milk and apricot milk.

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