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Dress your desk


Hongkongers spend on average 50 hours a week at work, so it’s worth the effort to make your workspace welcoming, comfortable and maybe even uplifting – especially for those late, dreary nights at the office. Here is a list of decorative items that will give your desk personality.

Pic 1: Orange background
(Clockwise, starting from top left)

1. Mountain Memo Board : Bring the outdoors to your space with this mountain-shaped memo board and tree-shaped pushpins. $95, available at Homeless.
2. Caro Light Bulb : Here’s a bright idea: a pretty light bulb housing faux cacti to keep your desk cheerful. $230, available at Franc Franc.
3. Pukka Revitalise : To lift your spirits, drink some Pukka Revitalise herbal tea, which contains cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. $68, available at Eslite.
4. Midori Spiral Ring Notebook : Keep your notebook style simple for a calm mind. $84, available at Eslite.
5. Midori Brass Ballpoint Pen : This pocket-friendly instrument is sleek, chic and ergonomic. $150, available at Eslite.
6. Les Palets de La Mère Poulard Cookies : Treat yourself to a break and keep your energy up with these butter biscuits. $20, available at Eslite.
7. Marimekko Oiva/Sääpäiväkirja Teapot : You’ve got your tea and biscuits, so naturally you need a painted teapot to complete your mini workspace café. $995, available at Marimekko.
8. Suck Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy : It looks like a giant sharpener, but it’s actually a novelty penholder. $155, available at Homeless.
9. Eco-Pochi Cylinder : Put this calming, minimalist Japanese planter on your desk for good vibes throughout the day. $280, available at Eslite.
10. Lascelles Traditional Copper Clock : This twin-bell clock is a classy addition to your desk. Plus, when you're facing a deadline, at least you have something nice to look at. $199, available at Homeless.
11. Thecoopidea Mount : Because where else are you supposed to place your phone and smart watch? $149, available at Eslite.

Pic 2: Seafoam background
(Clockwise, starting from top left)

1. Umbra Prisma Frame : 
Put a picture of your loved ones in this architectural frame as a reminder of why you work so hard. $115, available at Homeless.
2. Toast H.A.N.D Kettle : The copper body of this kettle will help keep your brew piping hot. $756, available at Ro in Eslite.
3. Toast Mu Espresso Cup : Bring texture to your desk with this earthy cup and saucer set. $192, available at Ro in Eslite.
4. Toast Memory Diffuser Bottle : Add some essential oils into this diffuser to calm your nerves – if you have an enclosed office, that is. $234 available at Ro in Eslite.
5. Normann Coloured Pencils : Give your notes a little bit of colour. $15 (each), available at Homeless.
6. Normann Scissors : No more boring scissors, thanks to this steel pair’s marble design. $325, available at Homeless.
7. A Little Lovely Company Mini Pear Light : This adorable, frivolous desk light makes us smile every time we look at it. $142, available at Homeless.
8. Normann Pencil Sharpener : Those coloured pencils are not going to sharpen themselves. Plus, this geometric item can double up as a paperweight. $198, available at Homeless.
9. Dried Lavender and Wooden Case : This bundle of lavender adds a rustic feel to your desk. $150 (for lavender) and $150 (for wooden case), available at Franc Franc.
10. Marimekko Notebook and Notecards : Stationery to brighten the gloomy days. $220 (for notebook) and $160 (for notecards), available at Marimekko.

Where to shop:
Homeless, Shop 211, 2/F, Cityplaza, 2110 1984;
Franc Franc, Shop 210, 2/F, Cityplaza, 3427 3366;
Marimekko, Shop 204-205, Cityplaza, 2562 8328;
Eslite, Shop 74, G/F, Cityplaza, 3419 1188;

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