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Top 5 tech accessories for fashion – and function

Most of us lead inseparable lives from our gadgets – but just because they’re functional doesn’t mean they have to be boring. These sophisticated pieces combine style with substance - a variety of digital functions that make your life easier.

1. Get Smart

Amp up your everyday office look with one of these bold – and clever – statement pieces. Available in gold, silver or ruthenium, this Italian-made bracelet makes a great partner-in-crime. Not only does it track your daily activity and the number of calories burnt, but it also features a safety button that, when activated, sends your location and an emergency message to your trusted contacts.
Smart bracelet by Wearable Italia

2. Sleep Well

Can’t turn your brain off from work and too stressed to sleep? Get help from this sleep bracelet. It’s equipped with a metal disk that emits natural frequencies of the earth, believed to enhance sleep cycles and ensure quality shut-eye for wearers, night after night.
Sleep bracelet by Philip Stein

3. Breathe Easy

We spend most of the day indoors, probably in an office that’s filled with air pollutants. Safeguard your health with this portable air purifier, which is light and compatible with a necklace or collar clip. Made of titanium, it will protect you against dust, bacteria, pet dander and cigarette smoke. It’s sleek, compact and best of all, low-maintenance – no filtre replacements are needed.
Wearable air purifier by Airvida

4. Well-rounded Wellness

Whether at work or at home, you need to make sure you’re functioning at the top of your game – and this tracker will help you do so by tracking activity levels, sleep cycles and reproductive health. Use the accompanying app for guided meditations and breathing exercises to help you cope with stress. Made of wood composite material and stainless stain, you can wear this water-resistant tracker as a bracelet, brooch, or necklace.
Wellness tracker by Bellabeat

5. Stay Safe

Whether it’s your email, social media or bank account, getting hacked is at best annoying and at worst catastrophic. Protect your digital identity with this stylish smart ring, which comes with a two-factor authentication feature that will let you verify your identity with a simple finger gesture. With your online safety secured, it will also help you stay fit by tracking your activity levels and sleep.     
Ring by Motiv
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