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The art of accessorising


Whether you’re interviewing for your dream job or looking to impress that special someone, the clothes you wear can transform you, inside and out. Looking to give yourself an added air of confidence, in any occasion? Add some points to your personal brand with our suggested statement accessories. These affordable pieces will leave you feeling like a million bucks, without breaking the bank. Click on the links for more product information.

Make your mark at an important meeting
Turn a business presentation into a career-defining moment, and keep all eyes on you

For Her: Work-appropriate clothing doesn’t have to be boring – add flair to a common look with a beautiful necklace. The Delphi Madagascar Chalcedony Choker is simple, yet striking. It pays tribute to ancient town Delphi, thought to be the centre of the universe in Greek mythology. The necklace’s bold look, featuring white and yellow gold-plated 925 silver and a unique polychromatic chalcedony gemstone, will help you stand out as the centre of attention.

For Him: Need something to complement your quirky, creative side? Hong Kong-based brand RCANO specialises in unique menswear that blends Asian influences with design elements from Mexico, where its founders hail from. Making a bold statement in the boardroom runs its risks, but a little colour can go a long way. The eye-catching print on the colourful yet understated Butterfly Bow offers just that.

Take flight and travel with style
Comfort is key when it comes to long-haul travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make laid back look luxe

For Her: Wrap yourself in both comfort and style! This cosy scarf is a blend of silk and wool cashmere and aptly named the Shades of Purple. Elegant, feminine and packable, this scarf is made from high-pedigree goats in the Ladakh region of India, which is home to some of the world’s highest quality silk, proving smooth as silk isn’t just a saying.
For Him: The days of bulky bags and luggage are behind us, thankfully, and new sophisticated designs act as an extension to your travel wardrobe. This 15-inch Leather-Nylon Laptop Bag features a simple exterior that conceals several storage compartments to hold your travel documents, while you personality gets to shine through with vibrant colour like sun-yellow.

Dress up for date night
Out for an evening of wining and dining? Dress to impress with an eye-catching accessory

For Her: Love is in the air! Contemporary accessories brand Cafuné places romance at its very core – its Portuguese name translates to running your fingers through a loved one’s hair. Place all your necessities inside the Bellows Crossbody – phone, emergency beauty kit, mints! – for a night out on the town. Available in a modern Toasted Nut colour and paired with a patterned tortoiseshell chain and blush exterior, this piece balances both your sweet and sassy sides.

For Him: Statement accessories don’t need to brazen to make their mark – sometimes, it’s the details that speak loudest. The intricacy of the Silk Bluebeard Pocket Square can enhance, rather than overpower, your trademark style. Tuck one in your pocket for a splash of colour and a hint of sophistication. Your date will be impressed by your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

One for the brunch club
A favourite pastime for many a Hongkonger, brunches are the perfect place to try out a trend

For Her: A wide-brimmed hat epitomises chic weekend style, and there’s nothing that says “weekend” like a long, boozy brunch. Hong Kong-based brand Bella Blu sells a wide range of authentic Panama hats, fedoras, trilbys and more, handmade by Ecuadorian artisans. The oversized Fiskardo Fedora Wide Brim Panama Hat is topped with a simple black cotton band, making it an easy addition to your spring/summer style, when al fresco dining is also in fashion.

For Him: Bring style and substance – and a conversation starter – to the table. HACHill eyewear have created a unique range of sunglasses with an accompanying Bluetooth SOUL speaker. With its lightweight acetate frame and mirrored lens, the SOUL x HACHill [Motivity] sunnies boast both form and function, while the speakers can quite literally add the soundtrack to your weekend.

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