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PROJECT AFTER 6 Returns: Get Ready to Take Part in "Mou Man Tai"

Remember PROJECT AFTER 6: Cube Culture, the satirical production about everyday office happenings starring Taikoo Place’s very own talents? After its success, Taikoo Place is bringing you another new original musical comedy after a three-year hiatus – and it’s now your turn to shine. We sat down with the ever-inspiring writer/director extraordinaire Lindsey McAlister for some inside scoop on the next show (coming in June 2022) – and why you should run, and not walk, to sign up for the upcoming masterclasses and auditions.

Hi Lindsey! We’re excited to hear about your second time writing and directing a production for PROJECT AFTER 6.

Lindsey McAlister: I was thrilled with how well-received Cube Culture was – when Taikoo Place approached me to create a second one, I said, absolutely! The new ensemble show that we have created wouldn’t resonate anywhere else in the world; it’s made for the Hong Kong audience. I’m really looking forward to starting.
“I want somebody who will just have a go. Everybody can move and act and create – it’s seeing what you’ve got to give.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind the new show?

LM: This time, I was asked to propose a topic and thought, oh, what about something Hong Kong-themed? Everything I write is humorous; I wanted to do something that a Hongkonger, regardless of how you see yourself as a Hongkonger, when you come to see the show, you’d be like – aha! There will be some things which are iconic, and scenes that you would recognise. You’d be chuckling because you’ll know exactly what it means.

We can’t wait. So, why is it called "Mou Man Tai"?

LM: I originally wanted to call it “Aiya!” – I definitely wanted a Cantonese word that even if you didn’t speak much Cantonese, you would still hear it and chuckle knowingly. “Mou man tai” very much encapsulates the Hong Kong can-do spirit, which I liked.

The audition process is starting soon. What will it be like to be part of the cast?

LM: There will be dedicated training and rehearsals. Now, training won’t be formal “I’m-going-to-train-you” sessions, but incidental training and developing individual talents. Part of the journey is to grow and learn new skills within the safety of the rehearsal room. Everybody will have a very rich learning experience – everything I do is about education and helping people fulfil their potential.

When I’m working with an ensemble, there aren’t any main parts. When you participate in my productions, you are part of the main cast, and fully engaged throughout the production. I also love for the cast to be involved in the devising process – I have a very clear vision, but we will collaborate and co-create – it’s like creating little pieces of a jigsaw, and I will select how those pieces will go together to create that scene or song.

The PROJECT AFTER 6 experience sounds really special.

LM: Last time, one of my intentions was to create a like-minded group of individuals from the Taikoo Place/Quarry Bay area to put on a production. But three years on, the Cube Culture Whatsapp group remains very active. This is the power of being involved in something – the amount of time and effort and energy that you put something that you feel so proud of. You’ll gain a new family.

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We’re also excited about the masterclasses in the lead-up to auditions!

LM: Yes! And they will be open to anyone who works in Taikoo Place. They will be similar to what you would expect in rehearsals. We want to encourage new people to come to each session, and of course, audition for the show.

What kind of person are you looking for when it comes to the auditions, then – and any tips you can share with us?

LM: I want somebody who is prepared to just have a go. I believe that everybody and anybody can move and act and create – it’s seeing what you’ve got to give.

Come with…energy, energy and energy! Come with an open mind, have a positive outlook, be prepared to try anything. Wear comfy clothes because there will be movement workshop. Embrace the butterflies. Leave your phone behind; I want you to be the best that you can be. But my biggest audition tip is: don’t miss the boat. We can always come up with excuses for “why not” – but to me, life’s too short. It will be a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, and at the end of the day, you will work hard and create something meaningful. I believe that everything we do is life-changing. You just have to believe in magic.

Don’t miss out: stay tuned for the open call for the PROJECT AFTER 6: Mou Man Tai auditions and masterclasses.


Key dates:

Applications for masterclasses and auditions commence in mid-September 2021.
Masterclass: 15, 19, 21 October 2021
Auditions & call-backs: December 2021
Rehearsal period: March – May 2022
Performance period: June 2022


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