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+UP! Your Wellness Game at ArtisTree

If art is about creating beautiful, meaningful things, then we can certainly make our lives into a work of art by living well. To help you master this “art” and inject positivity into our community, ArtisTree is bringing you a series of original, wholesome experiences as part of Taikoo Place’s “+UP! Better Living Pop-ups” throughout October to November. Expect to switch up your wellness routine and explore new ways to glam up, train up and team up for a good cause!

Glam Up!

Beauty is in the skin – and in nature. Discover how a sustainable lifestyle can bring out your natural glow at the Nourish Clean Beauty x Mother Pearl Pop-up, co-created by ArtisTree and Po House. “Our skin condition is constantly affected by the environment,” says Po Chen, founder of green beauty platform Nourish. “So by protecting our planet, we’re also enhancing our own wellbeing and beauty.”


At the pop-up in ArtisTree’s foyer, you’ll find an experiential clean beauty content wall, with an array of toxin-free sustainable skincare brands to try. “We want to introduce the idea of responsible consumption and organic skincare solutions to the Taikoo Place community,” adds Chen. “One of the labels is the newly launched Ingredients® Wellness, which uses only plant-based ingredients and 100% transparent formula to maximise effectiveness and confidence to users.”


When it comes to beauty, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. So, treat yourself to a refreshing vegan-friendly bubble tea at the Mother Pearl café on-site. On the menu are exclusive drinks like Lychee Rose, Coconut Matcha and Crimson Guava, all made without refined sugar. You can even add your favourite “super bubbles” – either the vitamin C-rich moringa tapioca or the anti-ageing Açai tapioca – to stay nourished inside and out.

Train Up!

A strong, healthy body is key to looking and feeling good. Take your workout to the next level at ArtisTree, which has transformed into a black box studio for the exciting pop-up workshops by LIGHTS//OUT Boxing Club. Not your typical boxing class, these exhilarating full body workout sessions immerse you in a dynamic setting with upbeat music that keeps you going. 


“The moody low-light setting and energising music let you focus on yourself and your movements as you punch away,” says Billy Tam, founder and Managing Director of LIGHTS//OUT Boxing Club. “It’s a full body workout that’s great for relieving everyday stress, or just to get a good sweat during your lunchbreak or after work – it’s a fantastic feeling!”


That’s not all: H-Kore, PURE Yoga and PURE Fitness are also hosting various workshops at their studios in Taikoo Place, including MegaKore workouts, yoga, United Dance and more. These free classes are all exclusive for the Taikoo Place community and are suitable for beginners, so you can spice up your workouts with different types of exercises. 

Team Up!

Living well is not just about staying fit; our mental and social wellbeing are also essential for our overall health. Combining all these elements, the Corporate Wellness Challenge: 8-Hour Charity Spin will bring together the Taikoo Place community in an adrenaline-pumping event to raise funds for Mind HK, a local mental health charity. ArtisTree will turn into a spinning arena with immersive lighting and spirited music, for tenant teams to compete on professional road bikes for a good cause.


The Charity Spin will take place on 4-5 November. Ahead of the event, show your support for the athletes by visiting our special installation on the Linkbridge between Lincoln House and PCCW Tower. Take a photo and share it with your friends – you can even print it with an exclusive photo frame and leave a voice message for the spinners at our dedicated booth! Of course, you can also donate under the name of the participating corporate teams to Mind HK. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram to find out more. 

Explore all events of the +UP! Better Living Pop-ups here. Then, continue your wellness journey with therapeutic art activities recommended by ArtisTree.

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