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Taikoo Place Insiders: Jasper Chan of Julius Baer


For the last few months, Jasper Chan has been living two dreams: by day, she’s a high powered Head of Corporate Communications, Greater China at Swiss wealth manager Julius Baer. And then after work she warms up her voice, steps onstage, and transforms into a performer–she’ll debut in PROJECT AFTER 6’s original musical comedy Mou Man Tai next month. With cast members drawn from across the Hong Kong office community, the production is a showcase for the hidden talents of our community, and a true expression of the Hong Kong spirit! Jasper sat with us to talk about her new life at Two Taikoo Place, and explain how she fell into (and in love!) with her new roleand her new neighbourhood.

Welcome to Taikoo Place! Tell us your impressions and share some of the new things you’ve been discovering in the neighbourhood since your company moved here from Central. Especially since you moved into the newest building in the area: Two Taikoo Place.

Two Taikoo Place is all we can ask for in an office building–an innovative design, superb architecture, not to mention the nice neighbourhood with leisure parks, gyms, running trails and one of the best shopping malls in town. I’m very pleased with the selection of restaurants in the vicinity too.  It’s been more than two months since we’ve moved here, but we still have lots of places yet to explore during lunch and after work.

We’re super excited to hear that you will be performing in the new PROJECT AFTER 6 musical comedy, Mou Man Tai next month. Tell us how and why you decided to get involved.

That really is a story. A close friend told me about the PROJECT AFTER 6 audition and encouraged me to try. (He had joined the first one several years back and has been inspired by musicals and on-stage performance ever since.)  I was intrigued that the musical had a Hong Kong theme. The title "Mou Man Tai" is a favourite local expression–it means we will sort things out no matter what! I went to the audition without any expectation that I could get into the show. I just figured, in any case,  I was going to enjoy singing a song to the audition panel judges.

I’m thankful that my company Julius Baer is a big supporter of work-life balance and the well-being of our employees. I truly enjoy coming to the rehearsals after work to learn and experience this musical journey with a passionate bunch!

Have you acted or sung onstage before, or is this a first-time for you? What was it like working with professional directors?

I’m definitely a first timer. I haven’t acted before except for being in a drama club when I was little. I really love singing though and did a solo on stage with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra in a charity music concert in 2018 and 2019 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Those were amazing experiences, but the joy and excitement Mou Man Tai has been giving me is unrivalled. It’s mind-blowing to be led by Lindsey McAlister [the writer and director of the show] and the whole production team!

“We’ve enjoyed creating movements together, singing in wonderful harmonies with different voices; we never thought we could be so creative and so musical! We help each other and bond during singing practices”

Programmes like PROJECT AFTER 6 are part of what makes Taikoo Place such a unique place to be. Did you find that the experience of working on Mou Man Tai helped you connect to other members of the community? Besides enhancing friendships and camaraderie, what other advantages do activities like this bring to workplace communities?

We’ve enjoyed creating movements together, singing in wonderful harmonies with different voices; we never thought we could be so creative and so musical! We help each other and bond during singing practices. Both Lindsey and Amuer Calderon [Music director of the show] hold extremely high standards and will not settle for less regardless of our level of performing experience. They inspire us to bring our best forward! It’s a wonderful journey.

Before PROJECT AFTER 6, I’d never had the experience of being in a work environment like Taikoo Place, where there is so much effort and resources dedicated to tenant engagement. It does make a big impact. Projects like these connect people after work and bring a good work-life balance to office workers. The rehearsal practice energises and inspires me. I was worried that the commitment to the rehearsals would be daunting, but like every cast member, I thoroughly enjoy learning the songs, dances, acts and movements. Tuesday and Thursday, when we rehearse together, are the best days of the week for me.

“Before PROJECT AFTER 6, I’d never had the experience of being in a work environment like Taikoo Place, where there is so much effort and resources dedicated to tenant engagement”

My favourite Taikoo Place neighbourhood hideaway for “me time” is …

I love all the coffee shops in Taikoo Place. Sometimes when I don’t have any lunch plans, I’ll enjoy slipping into a quiet coffee shop.


Of course, at the moment Taikoo Place is changing quite a lot - is there anything you are looking forward to in the new Taikoo Place?

I certainly look forward to the upcoming greenery space down there when it’s ready!


Imagine that a friend of yours has recently started working for a company in Taikoo Place, after years in Central like you did. What tips would you give them to help them enjoy and connect to their new surroundings?

Stay curious, stay open-minded! Give yourself time to get to know the area. Organise some gatherings with your colleagues after work to enjoy Taikoo Place and explore the neighbourhood food options. When Julius Baer first expanded into Two Taikoo Place, we launched a photo contest and asked colleagues to share photos of “hidden-gem” restaurants, the best salad place, a favourite coffee shop, and the best dish in Taikoo Place, etc. Everyone enjoyed the contest and it was a terrific way to learn about so many great places!

Currently in my “favourites” rotation: Classical, Cantopop, Broadway tunes or…(can be a genre or an artist)?

Currently  all the songs of Mou Man Tai are at the top of my list. I’m usually a big fan of Cantopop and my latest favourite singers in Hong Kong are Terence Lam and Hins Cheung.


What was the most difficult challenge you faced as you created your character’s role in Mou Man Tai?

Honestly the biggest challenge by far is reciting all the lyrics while remembering our movements and not forgetting to sing and act at the same time!

If I could invite any person in the world to be in the audience of my debut in Mou Man Tai it would be….

Do you mean besides my 30 family members and 300 friends? Umm, I think that’s about it.


What can we expect when we go to see Mou Man Tai?

Three words: Mind-blowing, Creative, Professional. This musical reminds us that Hong Kong is a great place to live, with culture, energy, passion, resilience, and–most importantly–great people who care about the city, and each other.

"PROJECT AFTER 6: Mou Man Tai" The English Musical

You won't want to miss the new PROJECT AFTER 6 production, Mou Man Tai The English Musical. Tickets are available online from 18 May. (Taikoo Place tenants can reserve tickets 3 days in advance exclusively on Taikoo Place app).
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