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3 Songs to Blast from the PROJECT AFTER 6 x MOOV Playlist


• The PROJECT AFTER 6 music programme this year is launching an original playlist .
• We go behind the scenes with the musicians and find out about their songs.


If you enjoy music (who doesn’t?), here’s something for you: an original playlist by talented PROJECT AFTER 6 musicians from our office community. As part of the “PROJECT AFTER 6: Music Works”, the songs were produced in collaboration with local stars Phil Lam, Kendy Suen and ToNick, who offered guidance and gave the PROJECT AFTER 6 musicians a taste of what it’s like to be professional artists. The playlist is available on the MOOV music app now – and here are the songs that you will want to play on repeat!

“EDF” by Ragpickers

We won’t stay silent even if it’s God we are against
It’s better to try than to regret

Life is full of struggles, but whatever you’re facing today, “EDF”, which stands for “Earth Defense Force”, will give you the strength to overcome it. “EDF is a metaphor for the challenges that our generation experiences,” says Michael, vocalist of indie band Ragpickers. “Through this song, we want to give you the courage to face the ‘monsters’ that muddle your mind – whether they are stress from daily life or career problems.”

With lyrics that depict an exciting, Star-Wars-like battle, the music is just as thrilling, mixing elements of J-pop and rap. “Recording real drums is usually very difficult, so we were thrilled to be able to do that in a studio this time,” says Michael. “Phil also gave us very helpful advice, especially when it came to arrangement and singing techniques. Himsonz, our other vocalist, has a nice voice already, but he sounded so much better with Phil’s tips!”

“We’ve all played music for quite some time,” he adds, “but this experience has really taken our musicianship to the next level.”

“Someday We’ll Be Okay” by Elphie K

Think of the things that we can do step by step
Maybe it is as simple as that

In times of uncertainty, “Someday We’ll Be Okay” is a reassuring reminder that we, as human beings, can still grow and be kind to each other. “I wrote this song last year in the midst of the pandemic outbreak,” says singer-songwriter Elphie. “It’s meant to be a piece of self-reflection, while also offering hope and comfort.”

A poem by Robert Frost is recited in the middle of the song, and Elphie says it was originally a monologue, but her producer Kendy Suen has rearranged it so that some of the lines overlap with each other. “Kendy truly understands my song and knows how to enhance it,” she says. “She inspired me to evolve my style, which is heavily influenced by musicals, and enrich my song with different sounds.”

On her experience of recording in a professional studio for the first time, Elphie says, “I was especially impressed by the professionalism of the crew. It definitely motivates me to do better when I collaborate with others in the future!”

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“Once Upon the Path” by The Sleepwalkers

As children we were always excited to share the little things
Someone would always listen

You may want to call your parents after listening to “Once Upon the Path”, a song about family. “When we grow up, we also grow apart from our family as we’re busy with so many other things in life,” says Bonnie, bassist of trio The Sleepwalkers. “But even so, our parents are always there for us. So, we hope this song will inspire listeners to really show care and appreciation for their family.”

Written over six years ago, the original song had a rather simple arrangement. “We had never learnt proper arrangement techniques, so this collaboration with ToNick has transformed the song with a much richer composition, featuring a solo guitar as well as strings and drums,” she adds. “We all received personal advice from the members of ToNick – their bassist Ryan gave me a lot of useful tips, and he even let me play his bass!”

“Overall, it was eye-opening to observe the thinking process of an experienced band through this production,” says Bonnie. “It’s something that we can apply to our future work as well.”

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