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PROJECT AFTER 6: Busking continues in October


“You learn so much when you get out there and experience more gigs opposed to just sitting behind a computer,” says singer-songwriter Adrian Fu, who will be participating as a performer for the second time at PROJECT AFTER 6: BUSKING.

Fu can relate to the uncertainty and anxiety of budding musicians but he was helped when he met producer Jim Lee. “He signed me when no one wanted my songs,” Fu says. “The first thing I asked him was, ‘What kind of stuff do you want me to write?’ to which he responded, ‘Don't be silly, just write your stuff.’ He gave me this freedom of creativity that I thought I would not have.”

This year PROJECT AFTER 6: Busking drew from a diverse pool of city-wide talent. “Opening up to Hong Kong is awesome, why not bring it on and let the world know how much talent there is here” Fu says. “Buskers shouldn’t get really tight, the quality of the voice, music and how they play is so subjective, so it doesn’t really matter as long as you practise well.”

Besides PROJECT AFTER 6: Busking, Fu has been busy working on his new album, which will be released in a few months time. “I always feel that to prepare for an album you have to create at least 50 to 80 songs and then go through them all and edit it down” Fu says. “The songs should reflect some of the things I’ve been going through in my life.” Fu hasn’t decided yet what he will perform this year at PROJECT AFTER 6 but shared he plans to do something more experimental. Stay tuned to find out more and here is October’s lineup of buskers.

4 Oct

Horace Tung
Day Job: analyst
Industry: marketing research
Music genres & instruments: pop, a cappella; keyboard, guitar

Kin & Kar (Group)
Members: Kin & Katherine
Industry: Supply chain / banking
Music genres & instruments: pop; guitar

Chonotenki (Group)
Members: Jordan Ng, Wes Wong, Scottie Chan, Allen
Industry: various, but somehow all music-related
Music genres & instruments: funk rock; vocals, guitar, bass, drums

RB (Group)
Members: Cheng Ka-kiu & Lai Chun-yin
Industry: bonesetter / music education
Music genres & instruments: middle-aged pop; vocal, guitar

Horance & Samson (Group)
Industry: arts and crafts toys / music
Music genres & instruments: pop, jazzy, soulful; vocals, piano

11 Oct

Kenneth Tang
Day job: designer
Industry: design
Music genres & instruments: pop, acoustic hip-hop, funk; guitar

Moonwood (group)

Members: Ryan Ng, Gloria Law, Jennachord
Day job: musicians and music instrument teachers
Music genres & instruments: acoustic pop; keyboard, violin, guitar, cajon

Andrew Jesse Hadiwidjaja

Day job: engineer
Industry: construction
Stage name: andrewjazzy
Music genres & instruments: pop, jazz, Latin, rock; ukulele, guitar, piano


Day job: character performer
Industry: entertainment
Music genres & instruments: pop; guitar

PFL Students (group)

Members: Duhbe, Wilfred, Peter, Vivian
Industry: Music / Law / Supply Chain
Music genres & instruments: funky groovy fun stuff; guitar, piano, bass, drums, cajob, vocals

18 Oct

Jojo Kwan
Day job: assistant manager
Industry: insurance
Music genres & instruments: pop; keyboard

Ken Suen
Day job: bond trader
Industry: banking
Music genres & instruments: pop rock; acoustic guitar

Catherine, Derek, Anson (group)
Day job: piano, drum and guitar teachers
Music genres: pop rock

Bearded Brothers (group)

Industry: telecommunications / education
Instruments: 12-string acoustic guitar, bass, cajon

The Gundum Style (group)
Members: Lawrence, Justin
Day job: music teachers
Music genres & instruments: pop, RnB, soul; vocals, keyboard, guitar

25 Oct

Lee Wing-yip
Day job: freelancer
Industry: construction
Music genres and instruments: pop; piano, guitar

I'mprovise (group)

Members: Longman Luk, Jaa Chu
Industry: aviation / civil service
Music genres & instruments: fusion; erhu, double bass

Ray, Bebe and Charles (group)
Day job: headhunter / teacher
Music genres & instruments: pop, RnB, jazz, contemporary

AJJA! (group)

Members: Joan Odita, Anson Sun, Alwin Leung, Jonathan Loh
Industry: insurance / construction / education / telecommunications
Music genres & instruments: pop rock; piano, bass, guitar, drums, cajon

Matt Yau

Day job: fireman
Music genres & instruments: original songs, pop, folk; acoustic guitar

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