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Meet PROJECT AFTER 6 buskers: Urban RnB group Dusty Bottle and the September line-up


The buskers have been chosen! There were almost 200 submissions this year with individuals and bands from all across Hong Kong auditioning for a coveted spot to perform here at Taikoo Place. After a two-day process in front of celebrity singers and record-label professionals, 40 acts were chosen to showcase their talents during the months of September and October alongside well-known artists such as Gin Lee, AGA, Adrian Fu, Eman Lam, Robynn and Kendy, Phil Lam and one of the most promising new acts in Hong Kong: Dusty Bottle.

The foursome that includes guitarist Jeff, pianist JNYBeatz, bassist Matt and drummer Kay create a futuristic RnB sound that virtually no one else is doing in Hong Kong but is widely popular in the US and South Korea. Dusty Bottle was only recently signed to Universal Music Hong Kong and has released two hit singles with guest artists SOPHY and Shimica Wong.

But what they are hoping to find is a female vocalist who shares the same passion for groove, flow and smooth rhythms. “If we could find one through PROJECT AFTER 6: Busking, that would be amazing,” says Jeff. “But, that would just be the cherry on top. The most important part is just meeting all the musicians who share the same passion for music and want to broaden the scene.”

The members of Dusty Bottle know what it’s like trying to break into the industry: busking all around Hong Kong and often kicked off the premises by law enforcement. It’s a common experience by musicians here. “You just have to be patient and very persistent,” says JNY. “But during the process, don’t forget to cherish every performance.”

Here is the September lineup of buskers who will be performing at the lunchtime concerts of PROJECT AFTER 6: Busking.

6 Sept

Yuki Kong
Day job: lawyer
Industry: legal
Music genres & instruments: pop, musical, Disney; keyboard

Jonathan Chow
Day job: project coordinator / clinic operation management
Industry: charitable organisation / chiropractic clinic
Music genres & instruments: Cantopop; keyboard

Cracklebox (group)
Members: Tim Ash, Tom Cowan, Nicolas Oudin, Clark Cahill, Diego Caro
Industry: banking / media / law / architecture
Music genres & instruments: Pop rock, indie, funky music; drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, synths

Gigi Ha
Day job:Institutional Banking Group
Industry: Bank
Music genres & instruments: Pop; keyboard (by Gigi Wong)

Triple Shrimp (group)
Members: Jojo Tong, Matthew Fong, Clifford Chui
Industry: design / actuarial / legal
Music genres & instruments: pop, easy listening; keyboard, cajon

13 Sep

WarmPapa (group)
Members: Albert Chau, Ben Yu, Alvin Wong
Industry: electronic products
instruments: vocals, keyboard, guitar

Kyle Chui

Day job: marketing
Industry: dental equipment
Music genres & instruments: pop, jazz, blues; guitar

Zoe Sung

Day job: marketing assistant
Industry: hospitality
Music genre: pop
Accompaniment: Danny (guitarist), Daniel (percussions), Laurence (guitarist), Dull (bass)

Lee Chun-yip

Day job: freelance singer and keyboardist
Industry: music
Music genres & instruments: Cantopop, J-Pop, Britpop; keyboard, guitar, vocals

TanK (group)
Members: Ady, Ted, Kit
Industry: IT
Instruments: acoustic guitar, keyboard, cajon

20 Sep

Zwing Young
Day job: consulting
Industry: recruitment
Music genres & instruments: pop, acoustic; vocal, guitar

Queenie Lo

Day job: producer
Industry: media
Music genres & instruments: acoustic pop; guitar

Michael Lam Yuk-sing

Day job: event management
Industry: event and exhibition
Music genres & instruments: chill music: pop, jazz, moody, country; guitar, vocals

Terry K H Lau
Day job: business development assistant
Industry: real estate
Music genres & instruments: pop & blues; guitar

Planetblue (group)

Members: Elly and Toby
Day job: freelance translator and jewellery business owner / nurse
Music genres & instruments: acoustic; guitar

27 Sep

AV Kids (group)
Members: Arthur Tam and Vincy Chan
Industry: content marketing / design
Music genres & instruments: RnB, jazz, musicals; vocals, keyboard

Ankie Wong
Day job: auditor
Music genres & instruments: pop; keyboard, acoustic guitar

Coco Hong and Caleb Woo (group)
Day job: musicians
Industry: music
Music genres & instruments: jazz guitar; vocals

Sean Wong
Day job: Actuary
Industry: Insurance
Music genres & instruments: waltz, polka, swing; Accordion

Gigi Wong
Day job: Corporate Communications
Industry: PR
Music genres & instruments: pop; keyboard

O'blue Acappella (group)
Industry: banking / legal / investment / consulting
Music genres & instruments: pop, jazz, classical; a cappella

Performance details:

Date & Venue: (Every Thursday)
6, 13, 20, 27/9 @ G/F One Island East
Time: 12:00noon – 2:00pm

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