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Days to Remember: A Look Back at ArtisTree’s Highlights in 2022


Day in and day out, we’re fueled by a passion for our work. For ArtisTree, this means thinking beyond the office to create one-of-a-kind arts, cultural and wellness activities that allow the Taikoo Place office community to embrace the future way of work. And as eager as we all are to start a new chapter in the new year, this is also a time for reflection. 

2022 was a year full of inspiring experiences at ArtisTree; of special events, new meetings and greetings; and of unforgettable moments. Come along with us as we recap the extraordinary days that had our community moving and inspired with music, art and sports – even fashion and wellness.


The days when ArtisTree allowed the community to show off their musical talents

PROJECT AFTER 6: The Pitch 2022

28 November – 2 December 2022

Music has the power to connect people from all walks of life – and that’s exactly what it did at ArtisTree at the return of the popular tenant talent showcase, PROJECT AFTER 6. This year, Taikoo Place’s musically talented tenants took the stage and showed everyone what it means to “Own the Stage, Share the Light”.


Per tradition, the highlight of the year was a five-day mini-concert: during lunchtime and after-work hours, shortlisted musicians sang their hearts out at ArtisTree. But that’s not all – music lovers were also graced by the appearances of Cantopop artists including Alfred Hui, RubberBand, and Joyce Cheng as they brought down the house with their performances. PROJECT AFTER 6 reminds us all that our talents outside of work also deserve to be nurtured – and music is just one of the many ways in which we can do so.


The days when ArtisTree led everyone on a wellness journey

+UP! Better Living Pop-ups

5 October - 25 November 2022

There are no other days when ArtisTree buzzes with more excitement and energy: the return of this annual Taikoo Place event jumpstarted a wellbeing journey with a series of events designed to help the community uplift their overall wellness.


While the foyer sported a new look with the +UP! Better Living Pop-ups x kapok Wellness Pop-up, ArtisTree welcomed a change of pace with the Sounditation Journey. Renowned singing bowl artist and scenographer Tsang Man-tung transformed the versatile space into a ruminative urban sanctuary that combined visual arts, healing sounds and meditation, inspiring the Taikoo Place office-goers to soothe their mind and prioritise mental wellbeing during the workday. As Tsang put it, “Your wellbeing is not a grandiose gesture, a single moment, but an ongoing journey that is unlike anyone else’s.’”


During the “+UP! Better Living Pop-ups”, ArtisTree also organised fun, invigorating wellness workshops – from yoga, body combat to high-volume intensity training – for people to step out of the office and get their sweat on. Of course, the wellness journey wouldn’t be complete without the ever-popular Corporate Wellness Challenge. ArtisTree hosted the inaugural Indoor Golf Tournament for office executives to tee off for good and gathered even more of them to compete in the 8-Hour Charity Spin. 18 tenant partners participated in the two events and raised over HKD500,000 for Laureus Sport for Good, of which HKD350,000 was contributed by Swire Properties. 


The days when ArtisTree showcased the future of sustainable fashion

Redress Design Award 2022 Finalists and Alumni Exhibition

9 - 16 September 2022

As the world’s largest sustainable fashion competition, the Redress Design Award redefines how the fashion industry can contribute to the circular economy, and ArtisTree was all in to support the very “fashionable” efforts when it became home to the Redress Design Award 2022 Finalists and Alumni Exhibition.


Not only did visitors have the chance to explore how textile waste was transformed into high fashion, as well as browse through sustainable creations by competition alumni, AR filters also provided a chance for visitors to virtually try on outfits on display. Through the event, ArtisTree offered the community a glimpse into fashion’s sustainable future and raised awareness of the environmental impacts of clothing production.


The days when ArtisTree connected the Taikoo Place community through an interactive musical experience

“A Double Listen Arena” Exhibition

12 - 21 August 2022

Sounds surround us, even during the days of solitude. The sound-based exhibition “A Double Listen Arena” was produced by Toolbox Percussion, marrying music with sports and games at ArtisTree. For this unique experience, ArtisTree turned into an arena where visitors played with sports-inspired sound installations, ever-changing rhythmic soundscapes, and live concerts.


Launched to address the rarity of interpersonal interaction at that time, this innovative exhibition provided an opportunity for visitors to create unexpected sparks and connect with each other during the workday. As composer and soundscape designer Fung Lam said, “If music and sports can come together, what other sparks can be created through cross-disciplinary collaborations?”


The days when ArtisTree spread the joy of books


25 June - 3 July 2022

We all love a good read, no matter how old we are. Not only are books are a source of knowledge and quiet entertainment, at ArtisTree, they also served another purpose: fundraising for a good cause. Launched in 2009, the "BOOKS FOR LOVE @$10” campaign this year continued to include a large-scale book recycling drive, collecting over 300,000 books in Hong Kong, which 6,000 volunteers spent days sorting and categorising.


This year’s eight-day online and onsite book sale staged in ArtisTree and Berkshire House brought in a record-breaking over HKD1 million of donations. This all went towards underprivileged children and youth via the “Treasure Trove” project led by The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, and Agency for Volunteer Service’s efforts in the development of volunteerism. This charity drive was the ultimate in the showing what the power of communities can do – together, and for one another.


Stay tuned for more exciting programmes at ArtisTree in 2023.

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