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We ask, you share: What’s for lunch?


It’s lunchtime, your stomach is grumbling, but you can’t pinpoint exactly what would satisfy your cravings. Here are some ideas from real people on the hunt for food around Taikoo Place. We ask what their favourite lunch spots are and why.

What is your favourite lunch spot?

Olga Tsoy (Dorset House, event management): Babiya. This Korean takeaway is just three minutes from the office and their food just reminds me of home.

Hamza Nadwem (Dorset House, communications): SaladStop! I normally grab my food there if I want a light and healthy lunch. Plus, it is just around the corner.

Gerald Tam (Cambridge House, advertising): I tend to go for Jubal’s set lunch quite a lot. The casual Western food place is probably not known by many people, but I do think it offers a pretty good lunch deal.

Serena Garuti (PCCW Tower, telecommunications): When I’m out for lunch alone, I normally will go for PUBLIC and get something quick and easy, like a wrap and a cup of coffee.

Helena Leung (One Island East, marketing): I feel like Man Wah Cafe, a chain restaurant that serves classic Hong Kong cuisine, is simple and down-to-earth. Food is served at a high speed, so I always go there if I am in a bit of a rush.

What is your favourite restaurant to bring clients or have meetings?

Alice Chan (Dorset House, event management): Simplylife. I love the atmosphere, it is relaxing, yet still suitable for a short meeting or follow-ups. The place can get really packed, which is why I try to avoid going there during the peak hours.

Hamza Nadwem: Enoteca is just a great place to gather, relax and talk about business. Great pizza and wine is what makes meetings more fun.

Jocelyn Tse (PCCW Tower, advertising): I feel like you can’t go wrong with Cantonese cuisine. So, I love going to The Refinery because the food is refined and the atmosphere is comfortable. Definitely one of my favourite spots to go if I have to meet with clients.

Tony Tsang (PCCW Tower, insurance): Mr & Mrs Fox for sure! It has so many dining options and their interior is very stylish. Their ingredient-driven menu always gives us a pleasant surprise.

What is your favourite restaurant to go with colleagues?

Olga Tsoy: We always go for dim sum when we head out for lunch in a big group. Choi Wan Hin Seafood Restaurant upstairs has so many items to choose from, and the food is just great.

Perry Li (PCCW Tower, telecommunications): We typically just find a local restaurant that is nearby and not too fancy. If I happen to be craving for Japanese food, Camper’s will be my place to go.

Jocelyn Tse: That will be Shiro. It is really near to our office, and my colleagues and I would go there for lunch or right after work. I guess sometimes you just can’t help but want to treat yourself for a nice dinner out.

Boillavme Chevalier (One Island East, insurance): We try to go to different places each week, but most likely somewhere nearby. I guess Thai Pepper is my favourite, because their food is good for sharing with a group.

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