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Trendy Coffee Drinks


Coffee is definitely not high brow, as long as you stay innovative and blend it with interesting ingredients, you can create interesting and appealing flavours, even friends who claim they hate the bitterness of coffee will think otherwise and give it a try.

In recent years, coffee shops around the world have developed creative coffee beverages, in hopes to reach a mass audience to understand coffee a little more. This year the stalls in Tong Chong Street Market has also created market-onlyl coffee beverages, which can be divided into three categories: spices, sweetness and novelty; coffee fans are surely in for a treat.

The coffee with the most local take on is the "Maltose Ginger Latte". Espresso syrup mixed with maltose and ginger milk warms you up instantly with a tinge of spicy flavour; "Ginger Lady" by Bad Ass Coffee is easily the most layered coffee concoction, featuring four layers of turmeric powder, thick milk foam, lemon ginger and hot milk, it spices up and soothes the throat as well.

As for coffee fans who have a sweet tooth, the "Dirty Shot" also by Bad Ass Coffee is definitely a must try. Inspired by the popular Taiwanese cheese tea in recent years, this espresso has a fragrant, extra-thick cream cheese at the top with sprinkles of cocoa powder, resulting in a surprisingly flavourful blend. "Teemtone" is a honey-based drink, where it blends crunched honey and ice cream with espresso to create a delicious surprise.

You can also head to Ninetys to sample the popular coffee craft beer. The unique coffee flavour blends into the rich beer, a winning cocktail to sample with your friends in the weekend.

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