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PROJECT AFTER 6: The Buskers!


By Arthur Tam

The much anticipated PROJECT AFTER 6: The Buskers has arrived. Every Thursday from now until 21 September, at 12:45pm-1:45pm, tenants from Taikoo Place and Cityplaza who’ve been selected through audition rounds will be showcasing their musical talents at 1/F Dorset House; Lincoln House Linkbridge; and G/F One Island East. Get to know the August performers.

Performance date: 3 August, 1/F Dorset House

Frederick Lindell and Damien Holloway

Act name: Beard Brothers
Company: Juniper Networks (Hong Kong), Ltd (Lindell) and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc (Holloway) at Cityplaza One
Music style: Australian ’90s rock, ’70s British punk and metal thrash
What to expect: Slick riffs and a revved up performance

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programme?
For fun! Music is infectious and sharing it is what it's for. We love to engage with an audience and have a great time together. Watch out, you might end up on stage!

When did you start busking?
We just started! Thanks to PROJECT AFTER 6 we got together, practised and auditioned.

Vine Chow

Act name: PP Island
Company: Liberty International Insurance Limited at Berkshire House
Music style: Rock and heavy metal
What to expect: Together with vocalist Cecilia, the two will put together an acoustic performance of upbeat, soulful classics like Just The Two of Us and Valerie

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programe?
In Hong Kong, we all work very hard. So to balance my life I decided to join this programme and play some music. My motto is: ‘Work very hard, play very hard’. If more organisations can provide a venue to support local musician just like Taikoo Place, we can have a thriving music scene.

When did you start busking?
I’ve been playing the drums for about 10 years and love jamming with friends. The first time I busked was in Lan Kwai Fong a few years ago. I saw a group playing but their percussionist was late, so I asked to join in.

Performance date: 10 August, 1/F Dorset House

Jason Choi

Company: Savills Project Consultancy Limited at Cityplaza One
Music style: Cantopop
What to expect: Solo act focusing on Cantopop ballads

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programme?
My colleagues suggested that it would be a good way for me to meet friends who also love music.

When did you start busking?
I love Cantopop, and I started busking and performing with friends when I was 23.

Avory Leung

Act name: Indigo Summer
Company: IBM Hong Kong at PCCW Tower
Music style: Alternative pop, soul blues and reggae
What to expect: A two-piece band with Bob Marley vibes

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programme?
I decided to participate because I wanted to spread my love of music and give the audience positive vibes.

When did you start busking?

I started taking it seriously last October when I was invited to sing at the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival.

Performance date: 17 August, Linkbridge, Lincoln House

Alec Mak and Karen Cheng (not pictured)
Act name: Mak Lam-ho
Company: TBWA at Cambridge House
Music style: Acoustic, coffee house pop
What to expect: A relaxing unplugged music performance

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programme?
Mak: Karen used to sing and upload songs onto YouTube and I used to perform on stage at school. We always wanted to try busking but never had a chance until this programme came along and gave us an opportunity.

What’s your favourite genre of music?
M: I like soul music the most, and Khalil Fong is one of our favourite artists.

Kyle Chui
Performing as: Kyle Chui
Company: Nobel Biocare Asia Limited at Cambridge House
Music style: Chinese pop and soft rock
What to expect: Solo act performing rhythmic Chinese pop rock

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programme?
I decided on a whim. I didn’t submit my application until an hour before deadline.

When did you start busking? 
I started busking when I was in Australia working as an intern. I met some buskers who sang in Cantonese and Mandarin in Chinatown and decided to play with them.

Performance Date: 24 August, Linkbridge, Lincoln House

Wendy Chan
Act name: The Myflurries
Company: McDonald's Hong Kong at Dorset House
Music style: Amy Winehouse meets Sun Yanzi
What to expect: Vocal harmonies in a duet act

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programme?
This is my third job at Taikoo Place, and I love the community and surrounding cultural vibe. I participated because I like trying new things and meeting new friends.

When did you start busking? 
My first time busking was a bit meta. I was playing a busker in a drama called When You Go to Haking Wong, a 30th anniversary drama production for my resident hall in university. I was forced by the director to learn how to play and sing a few songs with a guitar within a month.

Caleb Yow (pictured) and Jennifer Lee (not pictured)
Act name: Hidden Gem
Company: DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (Yow) and American Express (Lee) at Cityplaza Four
Music style: Groovy and smooth rhythms
What to expect: The focus will be on the vocals. The powerhouse duo have a competitive singing background.

Why did you decide to participate in this PROJECT AFTER 6 programme?
Yow: I wanted to meet people with the same passion for music across different professions. 
Lee: I joined the first PROJECT AFTER 6 programme two years ago for a musical drama performance and was amazed by all the talented people. I also appreciated the support from Swire Properties , providing us with a cultural environment, giving colour to our supposed boring work place. That's why we came right back when we found out about the new busking programme.

Stay tuned for more updates on the September buskers!

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