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Top five sporty indoor team-building activities in Hong Kong


By Rachel Lau

Sometimes you can feel distant from your co-workers even if they’re in the next cubicle. Team-building outings can break down boundaries, strengthen relationships, help with communication and improve teamwork. And it’s just more fun and healthful when there are sports involved. Then there’s the chance to go head-to-head against your boss in a neon lightsaber fight. Whatever your motive, the below team-building activities are incredibly fun and worth checking out.

1. Ryze Hong Kong
Trampoline ninja challenge
Let loose and feel like a kid again by taking over a room full of trampolines at Ryze Hong Kong. At corporate events, you can challenge your co-workers to a ninja warrior battle on their ninja obstacle course. Says to general manager James Julian, “There isn't anywhere else you can go to defy gravity or feel like a ninja warrior in a safe and controlled environment like you can at Ryze.”

2. Sports Lab HK
Giving it your best swing
If you want to showcase your athleticism and mental strength in front of your team, hold your next corporate event at Sports Lab HK. The sports centre can organise team-building events in their expansive indoor golf studios or host aerial yoga group classes. General manager Ernest says he firmly believes that “building a successful team requires an optimally managed cycle of trust, collaboration and execution”, which these activities can instill.

3. Crossfire Hong Kong
Light side vs. dark side
This venue takes team bonding to a whole new level, combining combat sports with crazy neon lighting. Choose from archery tag, bubble soccer, neon lightsaber fights and more for your next corporate event. The venue goes dark, and the equipment lights up, with professional corporate trainers available to facilitate. Adwin Ho, the co-founder of Crossfire Arena, lauds companies willing to organise such bonding events: “There is such a value in getting coworkers to strategise together and pursue the same target. It creates cohesiveness and teamwork that you can’t get in other opportunities.”

4. SAPS Studio
The fittest of them all
This studio’s fully equipped gym room is the ideal location for guided fitness activities and can accommodate groups up to 20 people. Various machines use lights to challenge, guide and motivate its users. Cheer on your co-workers during intense fitness activities that challenge agility and strength. “You’re going to need your colleagues’ cheers and support to get through this workout,” says trainer Raymond So.

5. Cityplaza Ice Palace
Bubble and bobble on ice
Grab your coworkers for bubble football, the Danish game that's taken over Europe, with an icy twist. Ice Palace at CityPlaza takes the bubble football fad to a whole new level of difficulty by throwing its participants onto the ice rink. In your own giant inflatable ball, slide across the ice and push away your coworkers as you maneuver to kick a beachball into your opponent's' goal. Manager Christine Yau says the activity will definitely bring your coworkers closer together, promising sweat, tears and laughter. Register at least two weeks in advance in person at the Cityplaza Ice Palace.

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