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Perfect Matches: Best Coffee and Food Pairings at TCSM


• The Tong Chong Street Market Coffee Festival returns this month – read on to find out more about the line-up and the unique coffee and food pairings you need to try at the market.


The annual Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) Coffee Festival is back! From 1st November to 24th December, the market will bring a range of local and international cafés and restaurants to the Taikoo Place community. With classic brews available alongside exclusive drinks and delicious dishes, get ready for an adventure for your palate as you discover unique flavour combinations at the market.

The Perfect Cuppa

Whether you prefer your cup of joe black, with milk or flavoured, you’ll find a coffee, or two, to love here. For an authentic cuppa, drop by Roastwork, an independent roasting company that grows their own coffee trees in Colombia and serves up locally roasted specialty coffee. If you’re particular about the origin of the beans used, opt for a single origin filter batch brew by local brand Fineprint, which sources their beans from high-quality growers across the world. Feeling adventurous? Try a creative blend by Flash Coffee, such as the TCSM-exclusive Ginger Latte and the Hong Kong-inspired Flash Yuen Yeung.

The Perfect Eats

Want something to eat with your coffee? Then you’re in luck, as the market also features an exciting line-up of restaurants to bring you international fare. One must-try is Brisket Brothers’ Texan-style barbecue Wagyu briskets, which are dry-rubbed with their signature blend of coffee and spices – order a brisket platter to share, or try their brisket chilli for a hearty lunch. Potato Head Hong Kong will also serve up Indonesian favourites such as braised beef rendang, mie goreng and the TCSM special nasi campur. And if you still have room for dessert, their pandan layer cake is undeniably satisfying.

The Perfect Pairings

Coffee’s complex and diverse flavour profiles make it an ideal beverage to pair with different foods, from breakfast items to spicy mains to desserts. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few perfect matches to try at TCSM:
The Comfort Combo
Brisket Brother’s Signature Brisket Burger + Flash Coffee’s Peanut Butter Condensed Milk Latte

Feeling stressed or simply craving comfort food? Treat yourself to Brisket Brother’s signature burger, made with tender Wagyu brisket topped with their special barbecue sauce and served with tangy coleslaw. Complete your meal with a Peanut Butter Condensed Milk Latte by Flash Coffee, which tastes like Hong Kong-style French toast. A hearty burger, a caffeine kick, peanut butter and condensed milk – what more do you need for a busy work day?

The Traveller Combo
Potato Head Hong Kong’s Nasi Campur + Fineprint’s White Coffee

Take your taste buds on a trip with this flavourful combination. Begin your journey with Potato Head’s Indonesian nasi campur – think braised chicken, sweet tempeh, telur balado (spicy deep-fried egg) and rice. Coffee lovers flock to Fineprint for a true-to-style flat white for a taste of Australia – and you can too, as your next “destination” here at TCSM. They also offer plant-based options like soy and oat milk if you prefer a non-dairy alternative.

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The Coffee Break Combo text

The Coffee Break Combo
Roastwork’s Marshmallow Stroopwafel + Fineprint’s Single Origin Filter Batch Brew, Roastwork’s Single Origin Black Coffee or Flash Coffee’s Espresso

Nothing beats a potent cup of black coffee when you need a some mid-workday energy. Try Fineprint’s single origin batch brew, or Roastwork’s TCSM-exclusive single origin brew, which features a different bean each week. For something stronger, grab an espresso from Flash, which is brewed with Arabica beans for a smooth, nutty yet heavy-bodied cuppa. A coffee break isn’t complete without a sweet treat though, and the marshmallow stroopwafel is an indulgent partner to your brew. Opt for a plain stroopwafel for something lighter – it works just as well, we promise.

In November, Tong Chong Street Market is open from 8am to 3pm on weekdays. Click here to explore the complete line-up and menus!
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