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Tong Chong Street Market Returns with New Food Vendors


By Arthur Tam

Taikoo Place's Tong Chong Street Market is becoming one of the most distinguished food fairs in the city, not only because of its commitment to sustainability, but also because the market features a diverse range of vendors that serve innovative and delicious food. Of the 40 vendors showcasing this season, there are about a dozen new participants. Here is what they have to offer.

Roots Eatery
Serving: Roasted rosemary French chicken sandwich with kale and orange, Asian spiced Iberico spare ribs with homemade coleslaw, and to wash things down, a citrus sparkle, which is grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange juice with sparkling water
Background: “Sustainability is a core focus in building Roots Eatery,” says founder and executive chef Stephanie Wong of the food delivery service, for which customers place their orders a day in advance. This way, Wong can manage the supply chain and reduce food waste while ultimately having a better system for managing the quality of her food. She only uses handpicked, local vegetables that she sources from the wet market and biodegradable packaging. If there is any food left over from TCSM, Roots Eatery will donate it to Food Angel the very same day. You can expect healthy food with tasty flavours from Wong, who was trained in France under the famed Alain Ducasse.

Grand Bazzar

Serving: Pan-fried milkfish back fillet, pan-fried milkfish belly, pan-fried silver perch fillet, poached milkfish fish ball, and Beer Head beer from Taiwan.
Background: The focus of Grand Bazzar is sustainably raised milkfish from a farm in Taiwan that received the prestigious Aquatic Boutique Feast Award for the quality and taste of its seafood. At TCSM, the preparation of the fish will be simple, either poached or pan-fried and lightly seasoned. This means customers enjoy the pure, natural flavours and textures of the fish. Founder Roger Chan hopes that visitors at TCSM ‘can enjoy the real taste of Taiwan’.

Chilli Fagara
Serving: Truffle chicken salad with Chinese leeks and fresh chilli, Sichuan-style pork knuckle marinated and stewed in spices, and Bear Paw Honey Lager
Background: The popular Sichuanese restaurant in Central is turning up the heat with a few of its mouth-watering dishes. Marketing manager Kris Ho says that the food is often described as “orgasmic”. He says: “The intensity grows until you reach the top, then you have to calm yourself down.” Chilli Fagara will be changing its menu month to month, so visitors at TCSM can enjoy a range of spicy dishes.

Biltong Chief

Serving: Boerewors roll, peri-peri chicken drumettes
Background: As the name suggests, Biltong Chief specialises in South African meats and jerky. Founder and manager Dylan Rogers says that “a vast majority of our products are either grass-fed, free-range, organic or all of the above”. He works directly with farmers and producers to ensure that the animals are treated as humanely as possible. So, when you’re chowing down on your earthy, spiced Boerewors roll – which is like a South African hotdog – and fragrant peri-peri chicken, you can have some peace of mind that your meat came from hospitable conditions.

Beast Green
Serving: Ngau lam 'wich (beef brisket sandwich) and a new line of salad bowls
Background: Bread & Beast debuted three years ago at TCSM. Now they are pre-launching Beast Green, their newest salad and grain bowls concept again at TCSM. The idea is to offer customers an exciting variety of wholesome, delicious and affordable food. So, besides serving up some of Bread & Beast’s signature sandwiches like the HK-inspired Ngau Lam ‘Wich, they will also be serving a brand new, top-secret menu. Visit TCSM to be the first to try it out. Rest assured that the food comes from sustainable sources. “We are shifting our sourcing of ingredients to local farms and reducing the amount of bread and meat in our dishes and replacing it with more vegetable and pickled-based items,” says founder Chris Cheung.

Serving: Honbo (HK-style hamburger), scallop burger and vegan burger
Background: A doctor by training, founder Michael Chan decided he wanted to venture into the world of F&B and give a classic burger joint a Hong Kong twist with an emphasis on classic flavours and sustainability. Honbo is also the first to produce its very own soft and fluffy potato milk bun. The meat blends both American and local beef (yes, Hong Kong beef exists). Also, local potatoes are used to make the fries, and the complementing greens are harvested from a hydroponic farm in Yuen Long. The burgers here taste as good as they look, so hurry and sink your teeth into this juicy bite.

Jin Jiao

Serving: Pan-fried and boiled dumplings
Background: This dumpling specialist recently opened in Tai Hang and is now participating in TCSM with a selection of traditional fillings like tomato and egg or beef, celery and cumin. The dumplings are wrapped with precision, creating an ideal ratio between the dumpling skin and the stuffing for that perfect bite. Make sure you try these little, delectable, savoury pockets.

Waffling Beans
Serving: Liège lollipop waffles
Background: Satisfy your sweet tooth by heading over to Waffling Beans for their TCSM-exclusive liège lollipop waffles. This dessert meets fluffy breakfast food is just one example of the establishment’s range of waffle dishes. Other items include their must-have crispy chicken and waffles with scrambled eggs and lox.

Dining at Home
Serving: Cuban fusion sandwich
Background: As the name suggests, Dining at Home is a semi-private kitchen located in Kwun Tong dedicated to creating an intimate setting. At their open kitchen, they make a variety of delicious dishes that span a range of culinary cultures, from Japanese rice bowl dishes and traditional Cantonese seafood to Italian classics. For TCSM, a Cuban fusion sandwich will be on the menu. Nothing is off the table at Dining at Home.

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