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TCSM Returns: Take a coffee break!

Get ready to dive into the world of coffee as Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) returns transformed into a weekday market to bring you a series of themed culinary experiences over four months, beginning with a coffee fair from 4 to 29 November. In addition to popular local cafés, the popular outdoor market will feature four award-winning baristas from across Asia-Pacific – here, we sit down with them to talk about all things coffee, from their inspirations to the unique brews they’ve crafted for the market.
Kang Yiyang, Co-founder of Two Degrees North Coffee Co., Singapore
At TCSM: 4-8 November

“One of my fondest childhood memories was the sweet and chocolatey aromas of my dad’s morning brews – he ran a traditional gourmet coffee wholesale company. He’s also the person who inspired me to become a professional barista and coffee roaster. For me, coffee isn’t only a connection between my dad and I, but also a community that brings together people who share the same passion, no matter where they are from. This is why I’m so excited to share a little part of our story and our seasonal, specialty coffee with coffee aficionados in Hong Kong. If you’re visiting us at TCSM, be sure to try Magic, a double ristretto with milk; and Mörk Chocolate, a specialty hot chocolate from Melbourne.” 
Yong Kok Thong, Founder of Brew & Bread Coffee Roaster, Malaysia
At TCSM: 11-15 November

“My journey began 15 years ago when a friend made me the first cup of specialty coffee. Since then, I’ve become a barista and now a taster, and have opened Brew & Bread. I believe everyone is unique and has different preferences of how coffee should taste, so it’s an interesting challenge to cater to these different needs. Different cities also have their own coffee cultures, so I can’t wait to interact with coffee lovers in Hong Kong and to curate a unique experience for them! We’ll be serving four different drinks – come try our new creation, Snow Black, which is a cold brew topped with home-recipe salted milk cream.”
Joey Mah, Co-founder and Roaster of Artisan Roastery, Malaysia
At TCSM: 18-22 November

“My story with coffee goes way back – to when I was five. In Malaysia, it’s our tradition to have local Liberica coffee for breakfast, served with bread and eggs. Later, I fell in love with espresso, so I began learning to pull espresso shots and eventually went into roasting. A perfect coffee for me is one that’s brewed with passion, and I hope to share my love for this liquid gold at TCSM. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet other roasters and baristas from around Asia, and also introduce our coffees, sourced directly from farms, to Hong Kong. You’ll get to sample our new direct trade coffee from Volcan Azul, Costa Rica.”
Arnon Thitiprasert, Founder of Ristr8to, Thailand
At TCSM: 25-29 November

“Coffee means everything to me; without it my life wouldn’t be the same. I still remember my first cup – it was made by the winner of the World Latte Art Championship, who was working at the same café as me back in 2007. Seeing how much people enjoyed his creations inspired me to become a barista, just like him. Little did I know that I’d win the same competition 10 years later! Today, I take inspiration from my travels around the world to create my own blends, such as the Good Spirits collection, which we’ll serve at TCSM. You should also try our secret Irish coffee – it’s not on the menu, but we’ll prepare one just for you!”
In November, Tong Chong Street Market is open from 8:30am to 2:30pm on weekdays. The Asian coffee masters will each host one pop-up workshop. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details!
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