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Tong Chong Street Market is back with a Bite… To Change


Now in its eighth year of operation, Tong Chong Street Market (fondly known by regulars by its acronym, TCSM) has become a cornerstone of the Taikoo Place community.

Walking through the array of stalls while delighting in the variety of foods and flavours at TCSM is an experience that brings a sense of place to our neighbourhood – and draws food lovers to Taikoo Place from all over Hong Kong.

From the beginning, TCSM was a market with a mission: to promote local, fresh, sustainable eating. It was an early participant in a new wave of food-forward initiatives that have made a big change in our eating habits. Today, thanks to TCSM and other pioneers, more Hong Kongers are eating more consciously.

The philosophy of eating unprocessed, locally sourced whole foods to keep healthy has moved from niche to mainstream. And now that we have a better understanding of how food impacts our health, our concerns as consumers have evolved. The emphasis has shifted as we realise how our food and lifestyle choices affect not only ourselves, but the entire planet.

The “Bite to Change'' initiative recognises that our thinking about food has expanded from a focus on personal wellbeing to the bigger issue of global sustainability. “Bite to Change'' reminds us that small choices like using local produce or compostable packaging really do make a difference, especially when they are amplified across the community.

Our office tenant Mox Bank supports "Bite To Change" and has brought in an array of vendors who have committed themselves to sustainable eating and lifestyle practices at TCSM this July and August. The virtual bank and industry disruptor has been able to radically shrink the carbon footprint of a traditional bank by leveraging the advantages of being online, sans brick and mortar and with zero paper statements.

Joining MOX bank at TCSM is an array of like-minded vendors all united by their commitment to a sustainable future—from using packaging made of dissolvable sugar cane fibre, paper and wood instead of plastic, to turning coffee berry skins into a delicious tonic, and creating rainbow-coloured beverages inspired by sustainable sports shoes.

The exuberant colours, bountiful flavours and positive community energy of this summer’s TCSM are a reminder that sustainability isn’t just a responsibility, it’s something to celebrate. Join the community at the market this summer and feel the joy of change, one bite at a time.

Stay up to date with TCSM by following @tcsmarkethk on Instagram and Tong Chong Street Market on Facebook.

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