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Seek out new challenges and become a better you!


They say that you’ll never know your limits until you push yourself to them – it’s not always easy to get started, but we are here to help. Whether you’ve always wanted to pursue a passion or give your mind and body a boost, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone!

It goes without saying that staying active is an ideal way to improve your general wellbeing. But whether you’re a casual gym-goer or exercise fanatic, a commitment to physical activities means opportunities for new challenges are always just around the corner.

Take H-Kore, a fitness studio that prides itself on efficient and effective workouts. Their signature Lagree Fitness technique is a method that focuses on constant tension in order to strengthen, tone and tighten the body. Hop on “Megaformer” machines to every muscle in your body. H-Kore’s location at Taikoo Place means that worker bees in the Eastern District have no excuse as working out is more convenient than ever. You can do it – and it’s good for you in more ways than one. Alongside physical improvements, working out also acts as stress relief: it releases endorphins, a chemical that triggers positive feelings. It also enhances the memory and promotes better sleep (something that we all need).

Sometimes, even if you’re unable to participate, getting into the spirit can also help to lift your own. On 10 March, the Adventure Race will take participants on an epic journey of endurance across Hong Kong Island. This fundraising event organised by Outward Bound Hong Kong, a non-profit that advocates learning experiences in the outdoors, lasts approximately three to six hours for a total of a 20-kilometre route. Participating corporate teams such as The Great Room, Jones Lang Lasalle and Baker Mckenzie will be participating in endurance tests like on- and off-trail running, kayaking, swimming and orienteering, so grab a spot at the finishing line on Tong Chong Street to cheer them on! Who knows, you may want to start practising for next year’s race.

There are, of course, ways of challenging yourself that don’t require breaking a sweat – and could even uncover some hidden talents. Unleash your creative genius with Hong Kong Stories, a non-profit that hosts weekly free workshops to help theatre enthusiasts work on presenting real-life, first person stories. First, sign up to the workshops to hone your craft. Then, get involved at a pitch workshop to land yourself a spot at the next monthly live show. While boosting your confidence, these workshops also provide ample opportunity for you to improve communication and public speaking skills. Putting together a story from start to finish will keep your mind sharp, activate your memory and trigger even your language skills.

But perhaps the biggest challenge of all, is staying focus in the information age. Try the mind-body practice of qigong at holistic clinic Balance Health, which boosts an innovative fusion of yoga, qigong and meditation. Qigong will train you to connect with the present through a series of gentle flowing movements. Coupled with breathing and meditation practice, it requires practitioners to maintain focus of the mind and body and opens the flow of energy from within. Not only can it help you develop an enlightened awareness, but also manage your stress levels and exploration of spirituality.

Go ahead and give these new challenges a go – you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve, leading you to tackle the rest of your challenges in 2019 with ease.

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