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Smart Ways to Beat Holiday Burnout


• The festive season can be stressful – try these strategies to avoid holiday burnout.


‘Tis the season of joy and celebration, but does the thought of shopping, parties and year-end rush at work stress you out? Our strategies will help you beat holiday burnout – the feeling of anxiety and weariness due to holiday demands – so you can stay calm and enjoy the festivities.

Keep your body and mind healthy

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Three is the magic number

When there’s too much to do before the holidays…

The end-of-year pressure is real: project deadlines, budget plans, performance reviews…and when you’re finally off work, you still need to shop for presents and organise your kids’ schedules. If you’re swamped by your to-do list, it’s time for a reality check – how many of the items are necessary, and how much can you realistically get done? Aim to finish only three major tasks each day; this way, your list is less overwhelming, and you can focus on the important tasks well without tiring yourself out. Still got more to do than you can handle? Don’t be shy to ask for help – just make sure to do a proper handover and show appreciation to your supporters!

It’s okay to say “no”

When you’re exhausted from all the social occasions…

True, the festive season is about connecting with loved ones, but too many work parties and family get-togethers, virtual or otherwise, can leave you exhausted. To avoid social fatigue, the first step is to set boundaries. By saying “no” to events that are draining, you’re essentially saving energy for the ones that you genuinely enjoy. Of course, there will be occasions that you must attend, so balance those out with alone time to recharge. Use a calendar tool to block out time for yourself and keep track of your commitments – the app, for example, helps you organise plans while letting others see when you’re unavailable.

Enjoy the present

When you have trouble staying focused…

You can’t help but worry about post-holiday work while spending time with your family, but being present and truly enjoying those special moments can make you happier. This takes practice, though! So, if you’re taking our advice to schedule me-time into your day, take the opportunity to also try a mindfulness exercise to de-stress and train your focus “muscle”. For a quick fix to steer your distracted mind back to the present moment, do something physical – stretch, get up from your chair, go get a glass of water – to interrupt your internal dialogue. Or, if you’re talking to someone, practise active listening by paraphrasing what they’re saying, which helps you focus on the conversation.

Stay flexible

When your healthy habits go out the window…

A healthy body is the foundation of a healthy mind, but it’s challenging to maintain good eating habits during all the merriment. All is not lost, though – the key to staying on track is to be flexible by making small changes to your routine. If you’re indulging all the time, a fibre-rich breakfast will support your digestive system. No time for the gym? Even a 10-minute at-home workout makes a big difference. Finally, insufficient sleep can leave you more prone to burnout, so make it a priority! If you can’t get eight hours in, a 20-minute power nap during the day can do wonders. Wind down with the Slumber app if you have trouble falling asleep.

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