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Feng Shui Your Home for a Successful Year of the Ox


• With Chinese New Year upon us, The Mag speaks to feng shui designer Thierry Chow for auspicious home decorating tips.
• Place something pink or red in the western corner for good health; fresh flowers in the northeast to improve relationships; add plants or marble decorations in the east for career opportunities; and water features or a red object in the western corner for wealth.


The Chinese New Year tradition of decluttering and redecorating the home is all about making a fresh start. While you’re at it, why not apply a bit of feng shui to invite positive qi, or energy flow, into your living space? The following tips by feng shui designer Thierry Chow will help you kick-start a successful Year of the Ox.

For Good Health

If your New Year’s resolution is to get healthy, consider adding plants and metal decorations to your space. “Living plants keep you company, remove stagnant qi and reduce stress; while metals like copper, bronze, gold and silver are known to have antimicrobial properties that help minimise illness,” says Chow. In 2021, the western corner is filled with wellness-boosting energy – place items in cheerful colours such as pink and red or a water fountain here to maximise the effect.

If you need to work from home, avoid sitting in the northern and southeastern corners as these are the areas of sickness this year. She says, “There’s a star of debility in the north, but you can counter the negative effect by putting something golden or copper here.”

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For Stronger Relationships

According to Chow, the best direction for harmony this year is the northeast. Put some fresh flowers here, ideally in red, pink or orange, grouped in the lucky numbers of nine, 18 or 24. The kinds of flowers don’t matter, so pick something you like to brighten the mood – just make sure they aren’t roses with thorns. “Spikes are a symbol of hostility in feng shui, and you certainly don’t want that in your home,” Chow explains. Not a flower person? A pair of red wooden birds can also do the trick as the number two symbolises union.

For Career Success

Whether you’re looking for a new job or a promotion at work, placing your workstation in the eastern corner of the room may bring you better luck during the Year of the Ox. “Add some green plants or something made of marble to enhance the good energy in this corner,” Chow advises. “You can also light candles to invoke inspiration and creativity.” One thing to avoid is putting cactus in your home, simply because it’s also a spiky plant and hence its negative symbolism.

For Abundant Wealth

Who wouldn’t want to live a more abundant life? Incorporating water features in your living area can let abundance flow through as water is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, according to Chow. These can be fish tanks or decorative fountains – anything with flowing water. “In 2021, the western corner has the best energy for both health and wealth,” says Chow. Soak in this positive energy by putting your work desk or your couch here, or decorate this corner in shades of red.

“Take some time to declutter,” she adds. “A home full of clutter not only blocks the flow of qi, but also leaves no space for new things.” So, out with the old, and in with the new!

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