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5 Ways to Create A Relaxing Home

After an exhausting day at work, there’s nothing like kicking off your shoes and settling in for a quiet night. Home is where we feel safe and at ease, and with a few thoughtful touches, you can turn it into a serene retreat. Follow these five tips to create a cosy space where you can de-stress and unwind in peace.

1. Set the Ambience

It’s essential for spas to feature elements such as dim lighting and soothing scents, with soft music humming in the background. All of these elements contribute to a calming ambience, which you can easily recreate at home. Install a dimmer switch to keep the lighting soft in the evening, as bright light inhibits the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps you loosen up. Sounds also help set the mood, and gentle ambient music can quickly send you into a meditative state. Finally, fill the room with your favourite scent. Aromatherapy is said to decrease the stress hormone cortisol and induce a sense of peace. Use an essential oil diffuser that doubles as a humidifier to keep your space comfortable and smelling great.

2. Use Soft Textures

No matter how stylish a flat looks, it won’t feel like home if you aren’t comfy in it. So do away with cold, hard materials and indulge your sense of touch with soft textures instead. Imagine snuggling up in a deep, overstuffed sofa with soft pillows, a fluffy rug below your feet, and a plush blanket wrapped around you as a warm cocoon – all your tension will melt away as your body relaxes against these snuggly goods. It’s important to keep your cosy corner clean, especially with all of these tactile objects, so find machine washable options for easy maintenance, and hypoallergenic materials for ultimate comfort.

3. Bring Nature Indoors

We all know being in nature is good for our physical and mental wellbeing, so bringing some of that indoors is key to your new, improved décor. Houseplants aren’t just nice to look at, but they can also purify the air by releasing oxygen and removing toxins. Some even have additional benefits; for example, lavender is known to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, while gardenia can improve sleep. Besides choosing the right plants that suit your needs, also be mindful of the kind of containers you use to match the overall vibe of your space – a colour glass designer vase, for instance, will add a vibrant and fashionable flair to your room.

4. Add Personal Accents

So you’ve created a tranquil atmosphere, but still feel like something is missing? Add a personal touch by including items that evoke feelings of joy and harmony. These are the things that give life and character to your place. They may be photos and memorabilia that bring back fond memories, or objects related to your interests. Say, if you enjoy travelling, then a scratch off world map may make for a perfect piece for your wall as it transports your mind back to all those carefree adventures. You can also add a playful twist with creative objects, such as an interactive kinetic toy, which isn’t only an eccentric decoration but also an effective stress reliever.

5. Cheers to Yourself

You deserve to indulge a little after all the hard work, and what better way to shake off the day than with a drink that lifts the spirit. Warm beverages such as herbal teas and hot chocolate are especially comforting – use a temperature control mug to keep your drink warm. And if you relish the occasional cocktail, it’ll be a good idea to invest in a barware set with all the tools you need to mix your own drinks, whenever you want. Just like any kinds of creative arts, the process of creating craft cocktails can be fun and relaxing, and you get to enjoy the result at the end.

Ready to create your own cosy retreat? Start by decluttering your space with these tips!
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