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Office Feng Shui for the Year of the Dog


By Arthur Tam

There is a common misconception that applying feng shui to a space is a major undertaking that might involve knocking down walls or installing some odd, oblong sculpture. Creating a good energy flow, aka qi, however, can be as simple as decorating your desk with a few items found at Cityplaza. Stylish feng shui master Thierry Chow tells us how and what to expect for the upcoming Year of the Dog.

The Element of Earth
This Year of the Dog is also a year of earth, one of the five elements in Chinese astrology. Earth represents minerals, mountains and gems. So good energy can be attracted with materials like marble, ceramic and clay, as well as activities like rock climbing and hiking. This year, businesses relating to sustainability, construction, property development, jewellery and pottery will thrive. So, if you are thinking of starting a big project or business related to the earth category, go for it.

Warning Signs
It's going to be a shaky year for people born in the Year of the Dog, Sheep and Ox. Be extra careful at work. Double check for mistakes when you’re putting together documents and try to maintain a good relationship with co-workers. Check below for the items you’ll need for the next year to help ward off bad energy.

Direction of the Stars
Paying attention to the placement and direction of items is part of the foundation of feng shui, and this is because of the nine flying stars. Each star represents a different direction (North, South, etc) and type of positive or negative energy. So, it takes a Feng Shui master to calculate their position from year to year in order for us to know where to place certain objects. Here are the position of the stars this year:

· Northwest: Flying Star One is particularly useful for work and relationships. To enhance the energy you may place a marble statue (Image 2 left: marble dog from Francfranc, $290) in the northwestern corner of your workspace.

· West: Flying Star Two is particularly bad for health. a copper decoration (Image 3 right: copper vase from Francfranc, $82) in the western corner of your desk is believed to be able to counter its effects.

· Northeast: Flying Star Three spells disaster for physical and mental health. Put a red cushion (Image 4: red cushion from Francfranc, $90) in the northeastern corner of your workspace.

· South: Flying Star Four powers the energy that goes into work and education. To enhance its energy, place plants (Image 5 from left to right: Asiatic pennywort from Greenology @ Eslite, $728; peperomia in ceramic pot from MUJI, $88; leafy plant from Hayfever Floral @ Eslite, $280) in the southern corner.

· North: Flying Star Five is the worst star of them all and affects all aspects of life in a negative way. To counter this, place copper decoration (Image 3 left: copper leaf from niko and…,$142) in the northern corner to minimise the bad energy.

· Southwest: Flying Star Six supports your career. Enhance its power by placing a wooden decoration (Image 2 right: giraffe from Francfranc, $260) in the southwestern corner of your workspace.

· East: Flying Star Seven attracts gossip and unnecessary drama into your life. Minimise its bad energy by placing water in a blue cup (Image 6 from left to right: blue ceramic cup from Tung Yao Ceramics @ Eslite, $188; clear blue glass from Francfranc, $42) at the eastern corner of your desk.

· Southeast: Flying Star Eight is the best of them all and brings good luck to all aspects of life. To power this star, place a red cushion in the southeast corner of your workspace. If you have the luxury of having your own office, you can try pointing your desk toward the southeast for that extra boost of luck.

· Center: Flying Star Nine helps you facilitate good relationships. If you're looking for a date this Valentine's Day or you just want to maintain good friendships and be on good terms with co-workers, place red flowers (Image 7: roses from Hayfever Floral @ Eslite, $50/per rose) close to the centre of your desk.

Keep your desk neat and tidy

An essential element of feng shui is removing as much obstruction from your surrounding space to keep the pathways of qi clear. So remember, no matter how busy you are, it is important to keep your desk organised.

Plant some greens
Bring nature into your workspace by placing potted plants on the south corner or direction of the fourth star on your desk or at home. Try to find big leafy plants, while avoiding spiky cactuses or ivy type plants, which cut and pierces the qi around you. Plants in general will bring luck and improve health by purifying the air around you.

Use More Cheerful Colours
Use more yellow, pink and orange decorations on your desk like small paintings or illustrations (Image 4: Poppy art from Francfranc, $150) to lift your spirits. Even using colourful folders are helpful. Avoid using all white, all grey or all black items.

Good Lighting
Make sure to use warm, yellow lights that are as close to natural light. It will help put you in a more cheerful mood.

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