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OOTD: Taikoo Place

By Howard Ng

It only makes sense that Taikoo Place, an commercial hub full of professionals and creatives, would have some pretty stylish people. We went on the hunt to find some of the best-dressed tenants and asked them about their style.

Industry: fashion, at Dorset House.

What works:
 the volume. A flirty ruffled blouse over a sleek layered skirt creates volume, but in different ways that work together.

What defines your style? 
“I'm much more casual when I'm not working. I like a lot of high-street looks that incorporate denim, athletic wear and trainers. But today, as you can see, I'm more dressed up. For brands, I usually like something feminine and minimalist like Celine or Loewe.”

Francis and Lindsay
Industry: fashion, at Cityplaza.

What works: 
each other. When your outfit complements your friend’s, it makes for a better picture opportunity. #squadgoals

What defines your style? 
“I’m always in all black and like to keep it minimal, so I usually shop at COS. To keep things interesting, I mix up the texture, which is why I’m wearing a light polka dot skirt from & Other Stories.”
Lindsay: “I have an English sensibility when it comes to style. I guess you can say it’s very London. I’ve got on a pair of Kurt Geiger boots and a leather biker jacket from New York brand Schott.”

Industry: luxury wine and spirits, in PCCW Tower.

What works:
the hair. That super straight, sharp and edgy haircut is enough to capture a few envious glances.

What defines your style? 
“I’d like to think I’m quite chic. I’m usually quite colourful, too, but today I’ve chosen to go all black with a sensible cardigan over a fitted black top paired with a pair of tight trousers. And to complete the look, a pair of pointed boots – simple and sleek.”

Industry: banking, at Dorset House.

What works:
the throw. Elevating a look can be as simple as incorporating a throw or wrap that billows in the wind as you walk.

What defines your style?
 “I think I have an aesthetic that has a British feel. As you can see, I have a tartan throw, and I'm matching it with my Alexander McQueen bag.”

Industry: content marketing, at Cambridge House.

What works:
 The trousers. The light-coloured denim is a striking contrast to the forest green blazer. The ripped details and the shortened length of the trousers also fit perfectly with the height of the boots. 

What defines your style? “I shop from a lot of Hong Kong local designers, and I like mixing together feminine and masculine pieces. The most interesting outfits on men are usually the ones with feminine detailing.”

Industry: luxury wine and spirits. Visiting and staying at East, Hong Kong.

What works: the cut. An asymmetrical neckline and a bubble cardigan over a fitted dress create contrast and intrigue, especially in all black.

What defines your style? 
“I would say polished, and I particularly like feminine shapes and silhouettes. Today, I’m wearing 100 percent Roland Mouret, my favourite designer. I also like Max Mara. And I always have a pair of YSL pumps. I sound like such a snoot.”

Industry: publishing, at Cambridge House.

What works:
the jacket. The brown aviation jacket with a fleece collar turns a regular looking schmo into a fly guy.

What defines your style? “A bit of street, mixed with biker. I mostly wear vintage clothing because you find great styles that are pretty much what all the big brands are recycling nowadays.”

Industry: insurance. Meeting a friend who works at Taikoo Place.

What works: 
the scarf. A textured off-white coat over an all-white outfit is complemented by an elegant, patterned pink scarf. It’s a striking, balanced look with the pop of colour making all the difference.

What defines your style? 
“I would say I’m simple and sleek. I must have a good pair of shoes. I love shoes, and you can't go wrong with a pair of Rupert Sandersons or Jimmy Choos.”

Industry: graphic design, at Devon House.

What works:
the hair. While fashionistas are dying their hair platinum blonde, this guy is one of the rare non-posers keeping it natural, real and stylish.

What defines your style? “I would say I have a Japanese ‘dandy’ aesthetic. My look is casual, yet smart. I keep my closet very organised, with just a few key, quality pieces.”
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