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We ask, you share: music at work, anyone?


Do you find listening to music at work helpful or a hindrance? We canvassed opinions around Taikoo Place to settle the debate and see what you’re all listening to.

Do you listen to music or radio while you work? If so, what’s your go-to music, podcast or playlist?

Kevin Ma (Cambridge House, media): I listen to a Taiwanese radio station called Hit FM, which has a live feed on Youtube. Or film soundtracks like If Beale Street Could Talk; Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack for Phantom Thread; and anything by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Holly Smith (Dorset House, retail): I do; I like to mix it up. Spotify’s radio function generates a playlist of similar songs from your favourites, which is good as I don’t have to fuss over what to listen to.

Tina Chan (Dorset House, charity): Not if the task requires a lot of thought and consideration. But if I know what I’m doing, I’ll put something on to help get the job done. Maybe some pop or something with a good rhythm.

Jennifer Leung (One Taikoo Place, law): I do. Something calming like classical music or movie soundtracks in the background helps with work.

Stuardo Sinbaldi (Devon House, consumer goods): I’m not in the habit of doing so. But I use Apple Music playlists while I’m running, with some R&B or soul on it.

Karen Cho (One Taikoo Place, service): Only on my break – it would get in the way of my responsibilities at work. My favourite artist is Sakai Noriko, a Japanese pop singer from the ‘80s. I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager!

Sophia Mikulits (Devon House, retail): Seldomly, but if I have a repetitive task to do, I’ll stick on some soothing classical music in the background.

Lorcan Treacy (One Taikoo Place, law): Yes, I find that movie soundtracks help me focus.

Do you prefer to enjoy music by yourself (headphones) or do you use a speaker?

Kevin: Headphones. I’m an audiophile so I obsess quite a lot over sound quality.

Holly: I always use headphones so I can listen to what I like without distracting my colleagues.

Sophia: Headphones. We have an open office, so a speaker wouldn’t really work unless everyone wanted to hear the same thing.

Lorcan: One of our colleagues stuck on his playlist for the office’s opening ceremony last week (it was all Disney tunes). Someone else also put a Christmas playlist on for the holidays.

Do you rely on the right song to stay productive? Or do you just hit “random”?

Kevin: I just need something on in the background to get into the flow of writing.

Holly: If I need to get something done I’ll stick on some music with more of a beat to power me through it.

Jennifer: I love a bit of rap. Chance the Rapper is my go-to at the moment.

Sophia: I just hit shuffle and see what comes up.

Lorcan: At the moment it’s Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks for Inception and Interstellar. Maybe some Radiohead from time to time.

Have you ever stopped for PROJECT AFTER 6:BUSKING music event around Taikoo Place?

Kevin: Yes, to see a colleague’s performance. It was a nice reason to get out of the office at lunch and listen to music together – and support him, obviously!

Holly: Not yet – but I’ll keep an eye out for the next one.

Tina: I saw a really nice performance of a Korean song. I think it’s great, it makes the whole environment more lively.

Karen: I’ve seen it at One Island East. I think it lifts the mood of the public spaces and brings people together.

Jennifer: We just moved in – but I’d definitely love to check it out!

What role does music play in your life?

Kevin: It’s everything to me. I’m always listening to music: walking down the road, sitting on a plane, commuting to work.

Tina: It’s definitely a must in the gym!

Karen: When I listen on my lunch break it helps to lift my mood.

Lorcan: If anything I listen to it too much…

Jennifer: I think it’s nice to have a soundtrack for the various moods and moments of your day.

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