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Inspiring Documentaries to Catch After Work

Need time to unwind after a busy day at the office? Why not make it an opportunity to get inspired, and bond with friends and family all at once? We’re advocating for some downtime in front of the TV screen with loved ones – but this doesn’t have to be a boring affair. With the right programmes – such as documentaries – you can learn from innovative ideas, get educated on world events and happenings, and perhaps even shake off some of that stress. Check out our list of the best recent releases to watch.

For some much-needed me-time

With half-hour episodes, Netflix original series Street Food is ideal to watch for evenings alone – whether you’re looking to relax on a weeknight, or be inspired with a spot of wanderlust for your next trip. Dive into the world of exotic street food flavours in this nine-part series, which chronicles the stories from street food vendors from more than half a dozen countries in Asia.

To enjoy with the squad

Love planning nights out and parties with your friends? Well, just imagine the build-up you might get if it were a highly anticipated landmark event. Round up your squad and get your popcorn ready for 7 Days Out. This Netflix original production charts the drama and excitement in the week leading up to six of the world’s biggest occasions in fashion, sports, food, gaming, and space, via exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks and interviews with event planners.

For precious time with family

It’s hard to spare time with family in a place as fast paced as Hong Kong – and so it’s always good to find an activity that everyone will enjoy. Here’s some entertainment that will be just as thrilling for the kids as it is for adults: Penguins a family-friendly feature film from Disneynature. It follows the adventures of Steve, a penguin in the Antarctic who has to fight through predators like killer whales and leopard seals to find a partner and build a home.

To ponder over with your significant other

Curious about the intricacies of intimacy, love and pleasure in different cultures around the world? Here’s one for you and your significant other to tune into together over a glass of wine. Hosted by one of the most respected journalists today, Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World features the TV anchor travelling to destinations like Beirut and Shanghai to explore sexual intimacy trends.

To inspire creativity with your team

For a team-bonding exercise that could potentially fire up everyone’s imagination, arrange a viewing of The Creative Brain with colleagues. Featuring neuroscientist David Eagleman, this documentary meets accomplished personalities in creative industries. The goal? To explore the quirks of the human brain when it comes to the creative process, and unusual ways to envisage new ideas.

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