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Taikoo Place Has Got Talent!


by Arthur Tam

For those who work in Taikoo Place, have you noticed the microphone sticker in the lift? Wondering what it’s all about?

If you often find yourself sitting at your desk daydreaming about ways to unleash your inner pop star, here’s your chance. Project After 6: Busking, Taikoo Place’s latest tenant engagement programme, seeks talented singers and bands from the office community to perform throughout the property during lunchtime in August and September.

The application process is now open, and candidates can sign up online at All you have to do is upload a video of yourself performing a song, and if you’re selected for the shortlist, you’ll attend a live audition on 14 July. The judges will pick several acts to busk in Taikoo Place. The acts will also have the opportunity to meet with established Universal Music Hong Kong artists Robynn and Kendy, AGA and Adrian Fu for a music jam.

This could be the big break you’ve been waiting for or, at very least, the 15 minutes of spotlight you can fondly remember and bond over with your colleagues. Here is all the information you need and some useful tips to help you prepare.

Who can apply:
All eligible applicants must be working in Taikoo Place or Cityplaza offices*. But if you’re performing with a band or other friends, only one member in a group of up to six individuals needs to be working in Taikoo Place or Cityplaza offices for all others to be eligible.

*Taikoo Place and Cityplaza offices include: Berkshire House, Cambridge House, Cityplaza One, Three and Four, Devon House, Dorset House, Lincoln House, One Island East, Oxford House and PCCW Tower.

Applicants are required to bring their own instruments during the audition process. 

Song choice:
It doesn’t matter if you’re into rock, musicals, jazz, Cantopop, folk or classical music – all styles of performance are welcome. However, choosing the right song to match your voice, attitude and abilities is essential. Practise a few of your favourite songs and find the one that fits your vibe the best.

Look the part:
Before people hear you, they have to see you. If you’re playing jazz, put up a beehive hairdo a la Amy Winehouse. Or if you’re more of a crooner, put on a fancy suit and bow tie before entrancing fans with velvety tones.

Meet the Universal Music Hong Kong artists:
Robynn and Kendy
The pop duo started out as YouTube sensations and now are working on their sixth full-length studio album. Both women are talented singer-songwriters in their own right, but together they produce beautiful harmonies for their melodic coffee house jams like Shout N' Cry.

This popular has been one of the most successful emerging pop artists in Hong Kong’s music scene, topping the charts with her sultry voice and smooth, groovy melodies in songs like 3AM and Superman.

Adrian Fu
Having remained behind the scenes for much of his career by writing hits for stars like Eason Chan, singer-songwriter Adrian Fu is now working towards establishing himself as a recognised solo artist. He’s a versatile musician that digs deep in emotional ballads like Love’s Crime and lifts spirits with mid-tempo jazz number Soul Dance.

Visit to apply
Application deadline: 7 July
Live Audition: 14 July

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