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We scream for ice cream: top places near Taikoo Place


The humidity is suffocating, and the summer heat is beating down on us. It’s the perfect excuse to cool down with a refreshing scoop of ice cream. Here are our top picks for the creamy treat around the Taikoo Place area.

Kyo Hayashiya

Satisfy your green tea craving at Kyo Hayashiya, the brand from Kyoto known for its heritage of making ceremonial green tea, which it translates into sweet treats like kakigori, mochi, roll cakes, affagatos and parfaits. There are so many variations of their soft serve green tea and hojicha parfaits that you’ll need to dedicate some time to try them all. Also check out its Facebook page for updates on monthly limited ice cream specials.
G406, Ming Kung Mansion, Kam Din Terrace, Taikoo Shing

Milk Top

Milk Top uses the highest-quality Hokkaido Hidaka 3.6 milk to make its range of puddings, popsicles and ice creams and doesn't use preservatives, artificial flavouring or artificial coloring. They also offer a range of unusual flavours like sweet potato, lavender, sweet corn and cherry blossom. Opt for a creamy soft serve swirl in a cone or get the ice cream in a cute little cup.
Shop B1-APITA, Cityplaza

Ten Ren’s Hong Kong

Ten Ren isn’t just about bubble tea drinks. If you haven’t tried its soft-serve tea ice creams, you're really missing out. Infusing the delicate flavours of Chinese teas like Iron Buddha and Guan Yin into a lightly sweetened, not-too-creamy delight is an ideal way to offset the heat. Check out its Facebook page for monthly flavour updates and deals. Recently the company was offering Assam black tea-flavoured ice cream and a deal for two ice cream cones for $38.
Shop L110C, Eslite Spectrum, Cityplaza

Sweet Monster

Originally from South Korea, this confectionary meets ice cream shop has been given a home in Hong Kong with the help of clothing chain i.t. Visit this shop with a carnival theme and try the signature popcorn ice cream that comes in four flavours: caramel popcorn, caramel and cheese popcorn, strawberry popcorn and choco popcorn. The combination of sweet and savoury will hit all the pleasure points. 
Shop 101B, 1/F, Cityplaza

sensory ZERO

This café isn’t just known for their variety of premium coffee. Drop by and try their wide range of ice cream flavours like Nouget Montelimar, Belgian chocolate, red and white grape. Or, if you’re in the mood for something lighter and more refreshing they also have a variety of sorbet flavours like Citrus, strawberry and mango.
G/F Eslite Spectrum

Log-On Café

If you’re craving more green tea options in this city, go to Cha No Wa inside the Log-On Café in Cityplaza. They have a full range of green tea desserts, parfaits and seasonal flavours like their most recent - Japanese white peach.
Shop 260-261, 2/F, Cityplaza

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