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Reasons to join The Refinery, Taikoo Place’s members’ club


If you haven’t been to Taikoo Place’s swanky members’ club, The Refinery, you should. The contemporary art deco space is tastefully decorated with lux metal screens, dark wood flooring and marble detailing. It’s a relaxing haven to unwind and socialise. Bring your friends and clients and they are going to have a fab time lounging comfortably with delicious drink in hand. But that’s just one of the many reasons to join The Refinery. Here are the rest.

The food
The delicious food at The Refinery should be more than enough reason to join. The Refinery is helmed by acclaimed chef Jacky Chan (see our interview with him here). Chan has designed a menu for The Refinery that fully encompasses the flavours of Cantonese cuisine in an elevated and contemporary way. Every month, special seasonal dishes are offered, and for summer, Chan created dishes using fresh fruits and veggies.

Want to taste the food before committing to membership? Stay tuned to The Mag and you will find out how. 
The gym
If you're tired of fighting for machines at other gyms, The Refinery offers you the privacy to work out in peace and at your own pace with top-notch equipment. After your workout, relax at the sauna and enjoy a little pampering, Then, you'll be re-energised and ready to seize the day.

The events

To keep things fresh and exciting, the club will be hosting events and workshops for members. In June, the club collaborated with SP Flower & Tea Room to present an elegant, tea-infused cakes based on the history of the old Taikoo Sugar Refinery. To pair with the cakes, Cha Ling served its special Pu'er tea sourced from a 1,800-year-old tea tree dating back to the Tang Dynasty. The set with the overwhelming tea aroma is simply divine.
The artwork
In the long lounge hangs a set of vintage posters advertising the Taikoo Sugar Refinery. And at the main restaurant dining area, two vibrant, floral paintings by emerging American artist Nicholas Johnson are on display for your visual pleasure. Discover the artistic thoughts behind the paintings from our interview with Johnson here

The bar, lounge and terrace
No club would be complete without tasty cocktails and craft beers on tap. The bar and lounge at The Refinery offer a range of concoctions that will elevate happy hour for you and your guests. On a nice summer day, take your drink out to the terrace for a relaxing, alfresco experience.

The price
Club memberships in Hong Kong usually go for egregious amounts without offering stylish decor or fitness facilities. At The Refinery, you get upscale luxury without breaking the bank.

Swire Properties tenants pay a $12,000 initiation fee, with a $1,080 monthly membership fee. If your spouse would like to join, the additional monthly fee is $300.

Want to learn more about The Refinery? Check out here.

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