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New to the Hood: An Eco Coffee “HAVN°” in Taikoo Place


If you’re looking to enjoy your morning coffee in a more responsible way, then look no further than HAVN°, a sleek new coffee bar in Taikoo Place's Oxford House. From ingredient sourcing to packaging, HAVN° makes sustainability a priority at every stage of the business. 

Launched by Jade Carey and Adam Keith, the wife and husband team behind Sai Kung’s popular Little Cove Espresso cafe, HAVN° beckons with an inviting minimalist design, friendly baristas and premium roasts.

But what really makes the coffee shop stand out is its effort to create the most ethical takeaway business possible. “From the start, we were very mindful of being environmentally friendly and sustainable,” says Adam. “We wanted to look after the process of buying coffee from the farm all the way to barista.” 

This noble mission took the couple on an eventful journey that included creating a new heat-resistant waterproof cup that is completely plastic-free, distinguishing it from most PLA or plant-based plastic alternatives. “It was a difficult process,” Adam admits – one that involved a small farm in Europe, a factory in Indonesia, a couple of years’ work, and a minimum order of 100,000 cups. “But we wanted to have a cup that can be recycled with paper or cardboard, because while we think of biodegradable plastic as a more eco-conscious solution, the reality is we don’t have the right facilities here in Hong Kong that accept them and can break them down into compost,” he explains.
“We’re also considering how we can sort our waste to make it easier for people to recycle,” adds Jade. “A PLA plastic cup and a 100% plastic cup look identical, but they can’t be sorted together, so we’ve designed bins so people can sort their waste.”

“Swire Properties has the same ethos about closing the loop,” she adds. “During our first meeting, we were given a tour of The Loop downstairs, and they were really interested in our ideas about sorting waste. It’s always great to work with people who are supportive and enthusiastic.”

Social responsibility is also a huge motivating factor for the duo. After discovering that independent coffee farmers were often squeezed out of the market, they became determined to source their beans from suppliers who work directly with small, independent farms.

 “Social implications and consequences really play a key role in who we are as business owners,” explains Jade. “Do we do what’s in the profits’ interest, or the morally right thing? For us, paying incredibly low prices that squish farmers with tight margins – it just doesn’t feel right.”

At the other end of the chain, HAVN° also seeks to empower its baristas – with educational trips to the farms where the beans are sourced. And on a wider scale, Adam and Jade believe transparency is one of the key weapons in the fight for sustainable change – which HAVN° practises in ways such as publishing the coffee prices paid per kilo, and encouraging consumers to ask questions.

“Look for companies where they’re having the conversation; talking about where things come from rather than hiding it or making it a PR campaign,” advises Adam. “Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions,” adds Jade. “If enough businesses act more ethically or socially responsibly, then hopefully it puts pressure on the other businesses to change their ways of working.”

Try the delicious, eco-friendly coffee from HAVN° yourself – download Taikoo Social to enjoy exclusive takeaway and delivery services. 

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