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4 Tips to a Refreshed Work Wardrobe this Fall

Ladies, why is it always so difficult to get dressed in the morning? Your closet is overflowing, yet you still can’t find anything to wear. Wake up your work wardrobe with some new style investments – we show you how to do it right with tips from Freda Lee of Max Mara (MM) HK Retail Limited.

Tip 1: Consider both substance and style

It’s not enough for a piece to just look good – a well-made piece will instantly pull your look together. “When investing in a piece, always think about both style and craftsmanship,” says Lee. “I would recommend timeless items as wardrobe staples. Craftsmanship is also key as it represents a brand’s heritage and value, and also reflects your style and pursuit of quality fashion.”

Try: A silk georgette blouse with a pussy bow neck, flounced cuffs, and rhinestone details will turn heads at both business meetings and company gatherings. Pair it with a pleated skirt or similar toned suit for a polished look.

Tip 2: Incorporate trends sparingly – make it personal instead

Try this on for size: staying true to your own style is more important than just following trends, says Lee. “Having said that, staying in touch with current fashion trends does give inspiration for updated looks and helps sharpen your fashion sense,” she suggests.

So, get creative.

“Go for an outfit that suits and accentuates your personality; a style that would make you comfortable and confident,” says Lee. “Workplace fashion has its diversity, so don’t be shy with wearing colourful outfits at work.”

Try: Turn to smoky colours this season. This palette on a feminine dress, topped with an oversized coat (see below), gives you a chic and unique look.

Tip 3: Invest in one key piece

It’s time to fall in love with a beautiful coat. “Everyone should own a classic coat that flatters your figure,” says Lee. “A statement coat will empower you; it is a symbol of timelessness that creates a lasting impression on others.”

Try: An ultra-luxe, hand-sewn double pure cashmere coat with patch pockets. Wrap yourself in a classic coat that allows room for you to layer over a sweater, or even a padded coat for extra warmth.

Tip 4: Work the old with the new

You don’t need to overhaul your entire wardrobe to refresh your look. “Keep basic and versatile pieces in your existing collection while mixing pieces with the latest fashion items,” says Lee. “Try different styling options by experimenting with colour blocking, mixed prints and textures, then add layers and accessories.”

Try: A ballet flat is the most comfortable choice for the workplace, style with a pencil skirt or cuffed trousers. For something more adventurous, say “yes” to a croc print lamb leather pouch scarf this season, paired with a black suit or jumpsuit for an added bit of edge.


Lee has a few favourite looks for elevating your overall workday style. “With a strong silhouette, suits or jumpsuits give off an effortless and powerful look at the workplace,” she says. “For power dressing, try tonal suits in bold colours this season. Finally, for a young, chic style, pair a cropped blazer with a chiffon or pleated dress.” Now you’re all set to sashay down any work runway this coming Monday, or any day of the week.

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Product images courtesy of Max Mara and Sportmax
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