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Art at Your Fingertips

Any art enthusiasts in the house? Visiting galleries can be a rewarding experience – viewing art can lower stress, boost creativity and increase productivity. Thanks to these apps and websites offering virtual tours and interactive viewing, you can now explore legendary art institutions around the world wherever you are.
Dose of History
Ever wondered about the stories behind famous paintings and their creators? Find out the identity of the lady immortalised by Picasso in Portrait of a Woman, and why Van Gogh cut off his own ear, on DailyArt. Every 24 hours, the app sends users short stories related to a legendary painting. With information on more than 2,000 pieces from museums such as London’s Tate Modern and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, it’s perfect for amateur art history buffs who want to take their appreciation to the next level, yet with great ease.
Available on Android and iOS

Virtual Art Walk
Dream of travelling to the world’s most illustrious museums and landmarks? Tick them off your list virtually with Google Arts & Culture. The online platform, which functions similarly to the tech giant’s Street View service, lets art lovers “walk” around art institutions on their smart devices – but that’s not all. Zoom in on thousands of exhibits; look through text, photos and videos; and build your own collection of favourites. There are tons of renowned locations to check out, like Musée d’Orsay in Paris, The Tokyo National Museum and Seoul Museum of Art.
Available on Android and iOS

The Art of Collecting

Whether you’re a serious collector or looking to start amassing pieces, be sure to bookmark Artland. A social marketplace for art collectors and galleries to connect and negotiate purchases, it’s generated buzz as something that’s transforming the art collecting world. Artland also offers the opportunity for users to view collections that were previously not made available to the public. Don’t miss virtual tours of ongoing exhibitions at galleries, chiefly in the US and Europe.
Available on iOS and online

Connect the Dots
For a fascinating deep dive into historical artefacts throughout human history, The Museum of the World is an unparalleled resource. A joint venture between London’s British Museum and the Google Cultural Institute, this interactive website uses state-of-the-art graphics to highlight the connections between thousands of objects across continents and cultures, dating all the way back to 2,000,000 BC. Offering a different experience to visiting the famed museum in person, it also features insights from curators.
Available online

Old Masters
Located in New York City, The Frick Collection exhibits Old Master pieces – pre-1800 European paintings – as well as sculptures and decorative arts from the continent. If you can’t make it to this museum in person, take a virtual tour of the premises – formerly the home of the late industrialist Henry Clay Frick – for a closer look at the period architecture of the building. You can zoom in on exhibits, listen to expert insights and read about the history behind each piece.
Available online

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